Nenna is a rational thinker who refuses to take part in petty revenge that could get them all killed; when she accompanies Tom on a mission, she both notices that he has ulterior motives, and sides against slitting his throat and leaving him to die, because of the repercussions it would have from Blackbeard, who told them to bring him back alive. She has been stealthily stealing from her fellow pirates, holding back booty, and storing it carefully in the jungle, buried beneath a dead man so no one will dig it up and discover her cache. When a prostitute starts blackmailing her, Nenna goes along with it for long enough to set up Tom to take the fall for the woman’s murder. She frames him, cuts off her own finger to implicate him in her own death, and escapes. Nenna is a risk-taker; it’s dangerous to defy the laws of sharing on the island and cheat her fellow pirates, but she does it anyway, in the hope of buying the freedom of her loved ones. She quickly acts against her blackmailer, slitting her throat, shoving her in a box, and leaving her to die slowly. She isn’t above physically torturing people for information by burning the tips of their fingers off or sticking a knife in their gut. Nenna does have a long-term idea of what she wants to do with her money, which keeps her on a single course through life. She rarely displays her emotions, except when she’s upset; she is withdrawn, lacks much compassion for others, and sees nothing wrong in framing someone else to take her fall.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Nenna is all about doing what’s best for herself, even if it means swindling her friends. She has no loyalties to anyone, and is one of the ‘scariest’ people on the island; Kate, Tom, and James all acknowledge that if there’s one person as dangerous as Blackbeard among the pirates, it’s Nenna. You do not want to get on her bad side, as she proves by ruthlessly killing someone who has dared to make an enemy of her. She goes along with her long enough to lure her into a compromising position, and then strikes out at her, recognizing that she has all the power and feeling resentful of anyone else attempting to control her. She is private, keeps mostly to herself, and is withdrawn, per her 9 wing’s desire to remain calm and detached at all times.