Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Jagger has amassed large amounts of power for himself, both in his personal life and successes (he is rich, favored by the king, and owns a great deal of property) and in his naval career. He orders Tom to accompany the chronometer through the trade route, and if attacked, to kill the man who invented it, destroy the machine, burn the blueprints, and then manipulate his way into Blackbeard’s trust, so he can kill him. He has kept Blackbeard’s wife imprisoned for many years, grooming and preparing her for the day when he can let her loose on the island, and she can assassinate her former lover for him. He has a single-minded pursuit of the pirate, believing even when others argue against it that he survived, is alive, and now he wants proof in the form of his severed head that he has defeated his adversary at last. Jagger is tough, aggressive, and impulsive at times in his pursuit of Blackbeard; he notices and reacts quickly to situations, even when he’s outsmarted – he leaves Kate and the beach to pursue a ship he believes belongs to Blackbeard, only to get too close and watch it explode seconds after he realizes it’s a decoy intended to lure him away from Kate. He shows very little empathy for anyone, but also instinctively knows how to get under other people’s skin and push their pressure points for his own advantage. He tortures Kate for information by burying her alive, he tells Blackbeard that his wife murdered his children, and is angry at the end of his life, to realize Blackbeard has outsmarted him and brought him to the island to die, so that he can be “part of Blackbeard’s legacy.”

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

Jagger is unscrupulous and willing to use any method to get what he wants; he recognizes that force gets things done, which means most of his subordinates are afraid of him and even Blackbeard doesn’t want to tangle directly with him. He aggressively pursues his prey even when others deem it impractical. He has enormous energy, isn’t afraid to use underhanded tactics against his enemies, and has black and white thinking; when Tom turns up and appears to have sympathy for all the pirates Jagger intends to wipe out once he reaches the island, Jagger turns on him and tries to kill him. One reason Tom works so hard against him is because he knows Jagger will offer no quarter to anyone once he finds them; he will slaughter them all.