Function Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

James has a more grounded and practical approach than his wife, and is studious and dependable in how he goes about acquiring information and using it. He meticulously reconstructs a device off blueprints for Blackbeard, using a provided cipher, and ensures that it works before he hands it over to him. He was considered a traitor, because he supported a different king’s claim to the throne, then got thrown into prison and tortured into being a cripple, but refused to give up any of his conspirators. Even though he has personal reasons to hate Tom Lowe, James still understands that he needs his help to save Kate’s life when she falls into the hands of the English. He recognizes that Tom can go get her, and prevent Blackbeard from killing her, as well as the fact that his wife has become a liability now that she’s fallen into enemy hands (they will torture her for information, and she will give it to them). He uses rationality to make that decision, not emotion – then later, when given the chance to get even with Tom for his own crippled state, he chooses to do the right thing and save his life, even though he felt tempted to let him die for a crime he did not commit. James at times believes he can do things his conscience will not allow him to do; he never becomes emotional, even when he discover his wife has cheated on him, and struggles against his own addiction to opium. He doesn’t tend to look for answers to questions that don’t exist, or to see beyond the surface, although he registers his wife’s change in behavior around Tom and recognizes that as them having a love affair. Rather than manipulate them, he takes a more direct route in finding out the strength of their affection for each other.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

James is one of the nobler men on the island, though he isn’t above his own temptations – he is angry at Tom when he finds out who he is (the man who had him arrested, imprisoned, and tortured), and takes information that could clear him of a murder and burns it, intending to condemn him to death – but his moral conscience won’t allow him to go through with it and he confesses that he withheld evidence to save his life, because his wife asks him to do so. He is willing to take the punishment for a false accusation, which is 45 lashes – even though he knows it will kill him; and seeing Tom take most of them for him, enables him to forgive him and work on reconciliation with him, even though Tom is still on the wrong (for seducing his wife). He hates that he has an addiction and tries to overcome it, asking his wife to take the opium away from him, even though it might make him work slower on the machine he’s making for Blackbeard. His 2 wing yearns for love and acceptance, tries to find ways to connect to his wife despite his inability to make love to her, and is generous and thoughtful toward others.