The first time we meet Kate, she is ordering around the men on the dock and assessing what is worth keeping, trading, and selling. She is so efficient at this, Blackbeard has put her in charge of all incoming shipments, entrusts her to make supply runs to another island, and gives her a certain amount of power. Kate is reluctant to do business with Tom because he can’t afford t pay her high prices – when he complains about them, she points out that they are on an island, which means everything is in limited supply, which has driven up the prices. She is quite blunt and factual, pointing out that he can go without or trade with her. But she also loans him things, in the assumption that he might pay her back later, and that she is making an ‘investment.’ Kate has adapted to her new life, since she broke her husband out of a Scottish prison and fled with him, but also thinks a little wistfully of their previous life at home. She mostly focuses on the here and now and what needs done, relying on her knowledge and familiarity with other people to make decisions. She warns Tom that he cannot trust Blackbeard and that he would as soon cut someone’s throat as turn his back on them; she assumes it’s safe to trade with a priest because she has done it dozens of times before, and notices what is ‘different’ this time – that his boy has taken too long to return with the coffee, which tips her off to this being a trap. She’s also traditional in that even though she cheats on her husband, she believes she should stay with him, that she should behave honorably in taking care of him, and that she owes him ‘being there’ – even though her poor Fi doesn’t assume the emotional implications of many of her decisions. She feels humbled that he has forgiven her the affair once she knows he has found out. She also clashes with Tom multiple times in which she harshly judges him for being disloyal and ‘false’ – she doesn’t like it that he has deceived her, proven himself to be someone false, and that he would leave others behind and escape with her.

Enneagram: 1w2 sx/sp

Even though Kate’s behaviors are at times immoral (she goes behind her husband’s back and has an unapologetic affair), her conflicts with Tom revolve around him misleading her (and her being angry about it), his lack of honor in picking and defending a side (she has firm views on right and wrong, and leaving her husband would be wrong), and in doing what she sees is right, even if it goes against the prevailing attitudes of the time – she has sided with a bunch of pirates who welcomed her and gave her a life among them, and feels it would be immoral to abandon them all to death or to betray them. She is often angry and short-tempered, but also places a tremendous amount of importance on being ‘needed’ by her husband, and subjecting her behavior to her strong belief of what would be right by him. She won’t leave him, because leaving a cripple would be the wrong thing to do; but she also needs to be loved, needed, and wanted, and temporarily follows her heart and physical needs to Tom.