Blackbeard mostly sits on his island, thinking about his ‘vision’ for the future – a civilization without a king, but a governor, where people are free to live without the tyranny of British oppression. He and Tom Lowe trade remarks on the nature of god and the divine, in which he reveals that he has given it a great deal of thought. He sometimes speaks in metaphors and sees himself in an iconic role (he has not replaced the devil, merely thrown him out). Toward the end of the series, you find out he has been working all along on a grand master plan, which has unfolded mostly as he intended (notwithstanding a few human casualties, which hasn’t bothered him at all). He baited and led an old rival to assault the island, so he could kill him and make himself infamous in the process. Having seen this through, it’s unclear what he intends to do with the rest of his life. Blackbeard is very Te in that he expects others to do what they are told, and figure out things for him – he doesn’t want to attempt to figure out the cipher for himself, but instead offers Tom the chance to do it for him, and hands it over to his mistress since she likes puzzles. He sees no point in torturing someone when you can threaten those they care about, and get to the point far quicker and with less unnecessary bloodshed – but he is not above brutal threats and treatment when necessary. He makes rational decisions more than emotional ones, sometimes deciding that people must die for the greater cause or to serve his purpose. He has also established a governing law on the island that has rules by which everyone abides, including himself – as a way to keep order and maintain control. Blackbeard reveals none of his true feelings, never discusses them, but also doesn’t want insincerity from others – he doesn’t want Selima to be his mistress unless it is her choice, and refuses to bed her when he knows she has ulterior motives. His Se is rather poor, in that in hand to hand combat he is easily overpowered and outmaneuvered; but he can be opportunistic and quick to act once he knows what he wants. He takes risks without fear, and is something of a sexual hedonist – often entertaining five or six prostitutes at a time.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Blackbeard is unapologetic about being the most powerful pirate on the island and about what he intends to do to anyone who crosses him; he believes in revenge more than compassion, and tells Tom Lowe that he has no intention of torturing him for information (it’s pointless) but that he will kill him, and torture anyone he cares about, unless he does his job. He handles most things through force and direct action, and he is dangerous enough that people don’t trust him not to have even those they assume he cares about killed if they threaten to betray him. He has murdered and plundered his way across the seas, and even sets up an old friend to get accused of an assassination attempt against him, leaving him to die a slow and painful death on the gallows, because he can no longer trust him not to betray the cause. Because of his 9 wing, it’s rare that you ever see him truly lose his temper; he is calm, projecting a sense of detached apathy most of the time, surprisingly lenient in certain areas (he doesn’t seem to care that his mistress has slept with someone else, since he isn’t possessive of her in that way). He has numbed many of his emotions and refuses to deal with them.