Tom is the ultimate opportunist, ready and able and willing to take advantage of any situation that presents itself, even if it involves unscrupulous methods. On board a ship being taken by pirates, he destroys the object they are after, burns the blueprints, and then force-feeds poison down the inventor’s throat—then attempts to save his life, memorizes the cipher, and promises to work for Blackbeard when captured, all in order to poison the pirate and deliver his head to his commander. Tom changes his mind so often about everything, going wherever the wind blows, that he is inconsistent in his methods – he cleverly poisons Blackbeard, then saves his life. He impulsively becomes involved with Kate Balfour, and starts a sexual relationship with her, only to reconsider after he’s gotten to know her husband, because he’s “a good man… who doesn’t deserve this.” He and she disagree a great deal on his methods, which are always rational and tactical, aimed at leveraging situations to his advantage, but not always “moral” in her mind – she questions whether he is truly loyal to anyone or anything, and he admits that he isn’t, because there’s always an advantage to take. But he also has very good tert-Fe, both in terms of genuinely being compassionate toward other people and caring for their welfare, to the point where he willingly takes lashes for a man he feels he has wronged (in their previous lives in Scotland, he had him arrested and tortured for information, turning him into a pain-riddled cripple), and in how successfully he convinces people to believe in him. But he is unscrupulous and untrustworthy; and… prone to picking up on the values of those around him, since he has few of his own. The more time he spends with the pirates, the more like them he becomes, the more sympathy he has for them, and the less he is willing to see them all killed. Tom shows very poor Ni. Other than his eventual plan to deliver Blackbeard’s head to his commanding officer, he has poor foresight, is reckless, impulsive, and never thinks through the consequences of his immediate decisions in terms of how they could bite him in the butt later, something that rebounds badly when he’s accused of murder.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Whatever you need, Tom will become it or give it to you – he is deceitful and good at it, so successful in changing his colors that Kate angrily says she doesn’t know who he is at one point. He isn’t quite sure either, because he’s playing a bunch of roles – a spy, a doctor, a benefactor, a friend, a lover. He makes decision with his emotions just as much as his head and instincts, and his 2 wing becomes more and more apparent as time goes on. He often rushes in to save people without being asked, he feels enormous guilt at having caused innocent people pain, he has to make things ‘right’ with others he has wronged, and he falls madly in love with a woman and does things for her to earn her approval.