Katy has been squandering most of her life just living in the moment; she has no interest in pursuing a steady career or advancement, unlike what her mother and grandmother want for her; instead, she likes to borrow hot-rods from her job parking them and go for high-speed joyrides – knowing full well if she crashes the car, she’ll be in serious trouble. But she doesn’t crash cars, her reflexes are just that good. She takes over and drives a bus successfully through town after people attack her best friend on it, eventually getting it to stop with the help of a truck driver (whom she gives a thumbs up, and says “we make a good team”). Katy finds out, to her surprise, that she is a natural archer when she continues to hit bull’s eyes each time she fires an arrow, giving her the confidence to rush into battle and help them defeat a great evil. She takes advantage of the moment when she enters a fight club to place a bet (against her best friend; no loyalty there), and rakes in the cash without apologizing for it (instead, she says of course she didn’t bet against him). It was an advantage, she sized him up, saw him lacking, and sees no problem getting some money off him. She rationalizes away her decisions, many of which are amoral (“borrowing” cars at work being a serious breach of trust as an employee). She also is funny, charming, assumes she can talk her way out of anything, expresses her feelings instantly and points out how stupid it was for Shaun to change his name to… well, Shaun. That’s like being in witness protection, and changing your name from Mikael to Michael, she says. She feels some sense of obligation to help people she’s never known, and often vents her feelings the moment things happen (ranting about her mom accusing her of being immature). Katy has no real purpose for her life and no interest in developing any long term goals, until she sees what she can do, learns to take herself more seriously, and then decides to use her newfound skills to carve out a niche for herself.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sp

“I just love how you guys know exactly what you wanna do, and you spend your whole life getting really good at it. I wish I was more like that. It’s like every time I get moderately good at something, I just quit and start something new. But I just know my own limits, and I’m not gonna waste my time chasing something that will ultimately be a disappointment for me. That’s not me.” That pretty much sums up her personality. Katy has no interest in doing something for the long haul or that involves hard work; she dabbles in it, gets bored, and moves onto something else. She is all about having fun, which includes being irresponsible (joy riding, borrowing cars that could get her fired if her boss found out about it, spending all night singing in clubs, and partying, even when she has to be at work early the next morning). She has a hilarious sense of humor, but doesn’t see the point in being an “adult.” Though she will complain if others accuse her of a prolonged adolescence because she is stuck in a job going nowhere fast, and has no real ambitions beyond it. She is mouthy, opinionated, and combative under pressure, even though she has a few fears (like heights).