Shang-Chi has a strong moral compass and a desire to protect his family; when he finds out his sister is in danger, he drops everything to rush home to China and warn her that they will be coming for her emerald pendant, the same as happened to him. He can’t stand by and allow his father to massacre an entire village when the truth becomes known to him of his intentions, so he defies him and rushes there to warn and protect them. He doesn’t tell much about his former life, or even his real name, to Katy until they are in China and it becomes necessary to reveal the truth about his past to her. Shang-Chi is also opportunistic and lives in the moment. Others accuse him and Katy both of never growing up, because they are still “playing” and being irresponsible as adults; both of them work jobs that are going nowhere, and stay out late at clubs, singing karaoke and partying, rather than getting any sleep (despite knowing they have to go to work early the next morning). Shang-Chi is a very physical man, observant and good in a fight; he uses his environment and reacts quickly to keep himself safe. He takes over a bus out of control and drives it, then calculates how best to bring it to a stop and guides Katy through the process, while having a fight in the back end of it. When they get trapped in a building under attack, he throws a chair out a window and helps her to safety by scaling a scaffold, unconcerned with the drop. He makes for a formidable fighter. He doesn’t show much Ni, other than his singular desire to stop his father from decimating the village; and he knows that his father is wrong, and his mother is dead, not trapped behind some mysterious gate. He can be quite blunt at times, strongly stating that his mother is dead, that she would hate what her husband is trying to do, and even that she would refuse to be with him, if she knew about this. He flies into direct action and doesn’t question things so much as to want to make sure they don’t go wrong. He also never reached out to communicate with his sister in the many years of their separation.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Shang-Chi tends to become invested in whatever others around him are invested in, whether that includes joy-riding a car all over town with Katy and then being “irresponsible” and hitting up a local club, or needing to protect his mother’s village from his father’s wrath and vengeance (and from the creatures let out of the hidden door). He is mild-mannered, easygoing, and doesn’t take things personally, gently correcting people like Katy’s grandma (“we’re just friends,” he says when she asks when they’re going to get married). He has been slow to develop any kind of a life for himself – years after he’s moved to America, he’s still just parking cars and he seems to have no real ambitions beyond that. His strong 1 wing gives him a sense of wanting to do what is right, and the will to stand up to his father – he tells him multiple times he is wrong and criticizes his behaviors as evil, even going so far as to say his mother would disapprove of these actions (“what makes you think she’d want to be with you, after this?”).