Xialing has never been one to sit back and let life happen to her; when her father would not let her train with the men, she observed them and then taught herself how to fight “better” than anyone else. She took those skills into the real world, where she set up an empire based around high-profile underground fights, which she streams on the dark web—and she rakes in piles of cash in the meantime. She at first wanted to shut down the Ten Rings, but then seized control the terrorist organization and wants to continue her father’s operations—but in her own way. She is straightforward and businesslike, but also has a strong attachment to her father, to her mother, to her mother’s past, and her own childhood experiences. She waited around for six years for her dad to keep his promise to her and come back, and says it took that long for her to decide she was on her own and had to do things herself. Since then, she has cut all ties with both him and her brother—and yet rather than walk away, she gets sucked into taking care of her brother, and trying to save her mother’s people from extinction, after assessing her father’s delusional desire to release their mother from her “prison” as insanity. Even though she went her own way and established her own “empire,” it strongly echoes what she learned in her childhood—and then she gives it up to take on “the family business.” Her main changes include wanting to make it more of a feminist organization, by introducing and training female warriors, something that precluded her from being one of them. In this way, she’s both traditional and non-traditional, falling into the life she wanted as a child, but being open to changing things and taking it in a new direction. She doesn’t show much intuition, but she’s good in a fight. Xialing is also more sensitive about her feelings than she lets on; she cares deeply about her brother and carries the wounds of her family’s abandonment. She has the moral fortitude not to want innocent people to die, but also puts herself first in her personal life – when the building comes under attack, she gets herself out, without a thought for her brother or his friend (at first—she does rescue them from the prison caves).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Xialing has become hardened through her father’s and brother’s abandonment, and admits that she decided if they weren’t going to look after her, she would teach herself to do everything better than anyone else – and build her own empire, if no one was going to let her inherit one. She asks her brother if he has gone soft when he refuses to kill anyone in a fight, and pulls no punches (literally) when defeating him in the arena. She has also built up an empire around illegal cage fights in the underground, not really caring if they are against the law or that people are getting hurt. But neither can she stand by and let innocents get slaughtered, so she teams up with her brother to stop their father (and winds up taking over his empire, rather than dissolving it—a league of covert assassins). She has an almost supernatural sense of calm detachment, and has numbed herself to many of her childhood memories and emotions, although she always comes through for her brother and his friends in the end (she saves Katy’s life, seeing that she cannot protect herself).