Finn tends to live in the moment… as in, he doesn’t think about tomorrow much at all, and borrows a large amount of money from a loan shark to pay off previous debts, without worrying too much about how he’s going to pay that back. He has spent his entire life as a drifter in pursuit of treasure, devoting every waking hour to scuba diving and messing around on ships, without settling down in any one place (much to his wife’s annoyance). He just assumes whatever goes wrong he can “wing it,” and for the most part, that happens. He is a risk-taker as well; when he finds out a rival has found where he located a bit of sunken treasure and set up a search grid, he dives down there and starts messing up their grid—just assuming no one is going to spot him from the deck of their ship or set off an explosive. When he winds up chained to an anchor and almost shot by the loan shark’s thugs, he fights his way out of the situation, manages to hurt one of them, and then unchains himself using the gun they dropped into the ocean. He then easily makes friends with a bunch of vacation kids on a boat, who deliver him to the mainland… not in time to save his marriage. Once he starts thinking about the inconsistencies in their search, Finn quickly realizes the ship isn’t where they said it was – that the eyewitness was lying, must have run her aground rather than hitting the reef, then hid the treasure somewhere on the island. He’s smart in how he goes about getting support for his cause, but foolish in assuming he will never need to pay his loan sharks. Finn uses charm, emotional manipulation, and enthusiasm to get around the things he doesn’t want to deal with, and to convince other investors to get involved – but he leaves out how dangerous it might be, and also is clueless about why his wife is so angry with him. He has just been doing his own thing, and not thinking about how to nurture his marriage. Finn has been following a dream for years, just sure that he’s going to find a sunken Spanish ship full of treasure and become famous. He has persisted in this dream despite all evidence to the contrary, throwing money and time after it in his pursuit of his obsession.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Finn is, according to his wife, the most irresponsible person on the face of the earth, someone who never thinks about any of the consequences of his decisions and assumes it’s all going to work out fine. He’s totally baffled by why his wife would divorce him, since he doesn’t see himself as ever doing anything wrong! Sure, he has racked up loads of debt, now has people trying to kill him because he sunk his boat (collateral for a loan), and is obsessive about treasure, but he’s found it! No matter what’s going on, Finn in hilarious fashion manages to focus on the good rather than the bad – I mean, sure losing the boat sucks, but he found a Spanish plate! And maybe he did get thrown up in the air and land hard, but it made his ex-wife worried about him! Finn is always looking for the bright side and leaping on any opportunities that come his way. He isn’t intimidated by most people, and isn’t above underhanded tactics, either – he sabotages other divers’ mapping systems, cheats a lot of people by just leaving town when he has to pay his tab (he says that at least him using 60 grand to pay off OTHER debts means he’s good for this one, and will pay it… someday).