Kate is the rational one in her relationship with Finn, and has finally filed for divorce because he has ruined her life. She used to be responsible and on track to get her degree, but then went off treasure hunting with him for two years and now is sick of it going nowhere, of having no money, of being unable to get a loan (because her name is on everything with him, and his credit is shot to hell). She just wants her nice, normal life back. Kate is incredibly blunt at times; she can’t stand to see a dumb woman walking around, so she tells Gemma not to be such an idiot, her father that his daughter needs to not “play stupid to get attention,” and that the other people on the boat may be idiots, but Gemma has a choice not to be one. She doesn’t really care what other people think about her, and asserts herself on a regular basis. She also has a plan for after the divorce – to fix up and sell their boat, then go back to Florida and return to school. But then she gets sucked back into the treasure hunt, when he brings her actual evidence that he discovered a plate belonging to the ship they are searching for. Kate then proves that she’s the queen of remembering facts, pursuing details, and uncovering evidence – she spent forever in the library gathering detailed information, all of which she retained. Kate is often the first one to point out an irrationality in their thinking or their conclusions, and to ponder whatever doesn’t fit their hypothesis. She likes to dream, but only in conjunction with the facts. Once she has those down pat, she can theorize about where they might find the ship, or what happened on it, and that the reports aren’t entirely honest. She also displays inferior Fi throughout the story – she isn’t sure what to do with her feelings, which means they leak out through her behavior. She throws plates at people and screams at them when she finds Finn on board, talking to her boss. She cries and rants about her relationship, then gets offended when others talk about it to her or tell her she’s overreacting. She falls right back in love with her husband and starts in on a relationship with him again, despite her better judgment.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/sx

Her life has gone off track, and she’s mad about it. Kate is mad all the time – at everyone she meets. Angry at her life going wrong, angry at her husband’s irresponsible choices, angry that she can’t get a loan. She has ranted so much to the cooks in the kitchen, they beg her not to talk about Finn anymore. Part of the reason for her breakup was her deeming her husband an irresponsible jerk. But she also wants to do the right thing, be a responsible and mature adult, and so she’s willing to apologize to him when she makes mistakes or misjudges him. After they wind up sleeping together in the church basement, she points out that they’re divorced and on sacred ground, which “probably makes this twice the sin.” Her 2 wing is helpful but also over reactive and at times, emotional. Her “helping” of Gemma comes out more in the form of telling her not to act like a bimbo.