Elizabeth is very straightforward about what she thinks, even when it’s not what others expect from her; when Robert asks her if she’s having a good time, she earnestly replies that she is ‘trying to’ (it’s not great). When she sees a soldier manhandling someone, she immediately asserts herself and uses her family name to order him to desist. She also tells Robert that she has decided to go along with whatever he chooses, in terms of becoming king or not; that she will make up her mind, set her course, and stay on it. She refuses to budge from it, even when Prince Edward demands she renounce her marriage. In tears, she finds it difficult to imagine such a thing, because she has fallen in love with Robert, and doing this is betraying him—so she refuses to do it, and accepts her punishment. She tells the prince that compassion is “not weakness,” but strength. Elizabeth acts on her feelings, like sharing her first kiss with Robert, but then has a firm boundary (it will go no further than this). She does not sleep with him until she feels ready and loves him, and even then does not talk about her tender feelings at all (she needn’t; it’s obvious through her actions). She tends to react instantly to things, in the moment. She enjoys traveling with his army, quickly befriends his daughter, comforts her, and seems to take pleasure in small things (such as eating an apple alone seated on a stairwell in their castle). Elizabeth also does not think much past the moment, or about the long-term potential consequences of her decisions; she intends to follow one path forward, and see it through to its end. But when she refuses to sign the annulment, she doesn’t think about anything other than her own feelings (not that it might hurt her family, for example) and those of her husband. Elizabeth also is rational enough to interpret accurately that the prince being so desperate to ‘save her life’ means that Robert hasn’t been captured yet, so there’s a chance they won’t find him and he might succeed—this makes her laugh and refuse to sign it. She is driven by her sense of right and wrong more than by her sense of logic, but is confrontational when necessary and purposeful in her actions.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sx

Elizabeth is a blend of passivity and assertiveness; she doesn’t know anything about her future husband, but agrees to marry him, and then allows him to make most of the major decisions in their life together, including ones that could get her killed (or captured, or raped). She says she is fine with whatever he wants to do. But she will also rush into action to protect innocent people, and assert her feelings and thoughts, regardless of the situation. She sets firm boundaries; after their wedding night, in which he does not touch her, she knows it’s okay to keep him at a distance, so she gives him no sexual encouragement until she feels it is the right moment. She isn’t afraid of the prince that much, even though she’s seen him gut a man, and laughs in his face when he wants her to sign away her marriage and renounce her status as the Queen of Scotland. I went with so/sx, because she seems to devalue her own survival (sp-blind) in favor of merging and going along with Robert’s decisions.