Mary’s values all come from inside herself, and aren’t dependent on how others feel; she leaves Frank Mundi standing at the altar without an explanation, and later when they are reunited, though she’s sorry for having caused him pain, she doesn’t explain her reasons to him. She becomes uncomfortable when he asks  about them, and makes the excuse that she’s tired and needs to rest so he will leave. She also admits that she doesn’t really like it that she has shared ‘her song,’ since it used to be hers alone, her treasured secret; but she couldn’t stand by and let Maladie hurt anyone else, so she had to sing for them all. She is willing to do it again and call the Touched to them, to save them as she has been saved, and to bring them into its shelter. Her song is very much tied to her emotions; it only comes out of her when she is in the right frame of mind, and can’t be forced. Mary has aspired to be an actress all her life, despite already being too old to sing in the chorus (it’s enough to be there, and participate, to start fulfilling her dream). She manages to get the children away from Maladie, risking herself in the process, and strikes out at those who attempt to hurt her while she’s been kidnapped. She hasn’t much screen time to show her middle functions, but enjoys playing the piano and singing to showcase her happiness, and makes decisions based more in how she feels in the present rather than brainstorm or idealize with others. She has made a firm decision regarding Mundi and doesn’t go back on it when they are reunited. Mary becomes quite blunt and aggressive under stress, accusing others of being bad, wrong, losing their minds, and refusing to go along with their plans, even though mouthing off maybe isn’t the smartest thing to do when you can’t trust others not to hurt you.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

When asked why she started singing at the opera house, Mary says she did it in the hope that it would reassure Maladie that she needn’t act only from pain, but that she could have hope for the future. Mary’s songs are all about hope and reassurance, and she believes that God is loving and kind, not someone who wants them to feel pain and suffer in anguish. She doesn’t like confrontation, which meant rather than tell Mundi that she didn’t want to marry him, she simply left him without an explanation. She politely infers that he should leave by saying she is tired when she doesn’t want to have a conversation. Mary is also affected by those around her, and wants to please them – she enjoys singing and playing with the girls, but then says she feels guilty for having fun and not working harder to recover her song; that she should do more for them. She believes in listening to her inner self, and in trying to be a good person, going so far as to volunteer to bring all the Touched to them with her song if it will help the situation.