Augie has one main interest, and that’s birds. He’s obsessed with them, can remember details about them to the extreme, and talks about them whenever he’s around anyone else. He finds it scary but also thrilling that his Touched gift is to be able to see through birds’ eyes and even control them in a group. He finds this alarming, because it’s so different from what he expects his life to be like—it’s “abnormal.” He is slow to grasp humor, although he does see the charm in Penance’s remark that if he escaped a sermon to go flying inside a bird, pity the poor bird’s mind stuck inside his body in the church and forced to hear a dull sermon! Augie is heavily reliant upon his sister and often tries to please her, even spurning the girl he feels attracted to when she tells him not to get friendly with the Touched. He cares enormously what others think about him, and hopes Prudence attracted no attention when she came through the main gate to confront him about his behavior. He desperately wants to be liked and has many opinions about the unscrupulous methods his best friend employs, but also goes along with things without objecting to them, to maintain his relationships. Augie loves to understand things and finds birds especially fascinating. He loves Prudence’s inventions, but shows no real creative thinking for himself. He can be somewhat traditional and reserved, though curious about the unknown. He doesn’t speculate on much of anything, but he cautions his best friend to be careful whom he crosses in his club, second-guesses some of his decisions later, and tries not to take risks.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Augie is rather too influenced by those around him and finds it hard to stand up for himself; he tends to be like whomever he hangs around, to some extent – drinking more and seeking distractions with Hugh, being more proper and concerned with public appearances around his sister, and more spirited and carefree around Prudence. He doesn’t want to cause conflict, have anyone disappointed in him, or upset anyone, so he represses anything he feels might get him rejected, including admitting to being Touched (he thinks his sister doesn’t know about it, which makes him feel relieved). He has a few firm views on right and wrong, will stand by his decisions once he has reached a firm one (choosing to support Amalia rather than Prudence, even though it disappoints the latter, because he thinks her quest is more worthwhile), and becomes more anxious and reactive whenever he’s stressed.