Hugo lives a life of over-indulgence and sensuality; he has managed to generate an income with a minimal amount of effort, by establishing an elite club where men can indulge their sexual desires—then he takes any information he gets about them and blackmails them into giving him whatever he wants. He has them sign agreements before they join to protect himself from lawsuits and police arrests, but that’s the extent of his forward thinking. He loses himself to any moment he is in, whether that’s rutting backstage with an actress (and being oblivious to a massacre happening on the stage and in the auditorium) or inviting his best friend to ‘loosen up’ with a night in his club. He is unscrupulous and disinterested in being responsible, but knows enough to protect himself. Hugo is flamboyant and charming, able to convince random women to sleep with him but without any emotional attachments or interests in establishing anything permanent. He shows almost no forward thinking, other than his dreams for his club.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

Hugo is a hedonist to an intense degree, who has a private club for men that is mostly about fulfilling intense desires and distracting him from the outside world, where he engages in threesomes, has sex with any prostitute who wants a job there, and is disappointed never to find any truly spectacular gifts among the Touched (like orgasming and filling the room with blue light, that’s what he wants). He is somewhat feckless, irresponsible, and hates to be ‘bored’; if he has to go to the opera, he will ignore Faust and have sex with one of the actresses backstage, which is far more entertaining for him than sitting through a bunch of warbling. He has no interest in being more agreeable than he is, reacts to threats by asserting himself, and is unapologetic in fulfilling his intense sexual desires (he has threesomes, sleeps until noon, and doesn’t do much all day, plus uses any information he gathers to blackmail people with).