Penance always looks for the best in everyone she meets, even a murderess like Maladie who tried to kill her. She is idealistic, believes in forgiveness and redemption and second chances. Unlike Amalia, she believes an execution is a larger commentary on their kind, on the Touched, and sees it as a public message warning women against what they can expect, as Touched who move out of line. She is also a brilliant inventor, a creative personality who busies herself with dozens of ideas for inventions at all hours of the day, comes up with prototypes overnight (many of which do not initially work), and has a wonderful mind for innovation. She comes up with dirigibles, horseless carriages, and can innovate something in a few hours or days that they need to handle their enemies (including a machine that spews out goop, to stop a fire-thrower from frying them both to a crisp). Penance is emotional and sweet, considerate of everyone but also firm in standing up for what she personally values. She doesn’t care what others say or if they support her quest to rescue a psychopath from a public hanging (and when there, she immediately figures out the reason for her suicide; saying she wanted them all there to witness her die, so she could kill them). She allows Amalia to be who she is, but also coaxes her to be less violent and more accepting, by expressing her annoyance with all the constant conflict around them. She comes up with and executes plans in short order, writing out schematics and detailed charts to give life to her ideas on paper. All of her inventions serve some sort of practical purpose in their lives, including a recording device, but she sometimes rushes to finish them and they misfire or don’t work. She shows little Si, except in her contentment in the workshop, her desire to move beyond the past and forget about it, and in her attentiveness to her personal hygiene (even if she works so hard, she neglects sleeping).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Penance is a sweet and even-tempered girl who hates conflict so much, she is always begging her best friend to be a peacemaker, or to talk about things rather than punching people. She hates violence and finds it hard to think ill of anyone; she won’t easily stand up for herself when others insult her or put her in her place. Penance is so forgiving, she doesn’t even hold a near-death experience against a murderess, and believes in her potential redemption and forgiveness. She thinks her execution would set a bad precedent and is cruel and unnecessary, a belief no one else holds. She often tries to calm people down and feels frustrated with dangerous or intense situations, since it disrupts her desire to be calm and ‘sensible.’ She believes in doing the right thing and will morally lecture people at times for holding attitudes she sees as callous or inappropriate.