Lady Anne is a motivated and ambitious woman who is determined to gain the breeding rights she covets, so she enters her mare in a race to prove her superior bloodline to convince the sheikh to allow her to use his stallion as a stud. She knows that Frank and Hidalgo winning would ruin her chances, so she hires men to waylay them and ensure they do not finish the race; when that fails, she tries her own tactics (attempting to seduce him and offering to pay him off). She rationally points out that his horse is not used to these conditions and is beginning to tire, and asks him whether he is willing to ‘kill’ Hidalgo just to finish the race. She assumes money can solve all her problems, but also has armed guards who intervene to protect Frank and Hidalgo on board ship. She is curious about him. Lady Anne is extremely knowledgeable about horses, having spent all her time among them, learning everything she can about them. She has only one interest – breeding, and talks about it almost constantly. She knows everything there is to know about the bloodlines, and has deep respect for the proven ones (relying on what has been ‘good’ for hundreds of years); because of this, she doesn’t see Hidalgo as worthwhile, sine he’s a Mustang – some little “Spanish cross-breed” (but she still knows the history of his kind). She shows little intuition, other than that she dismisses them at first, then changes her mind and sees them as a threat once they manage the first hundred miles without incident. And her morals are askew, since she cares more about pursuing her own interests than showing compassion to Frank and Hidalgo (though, she did try to pay them off first).

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Lady Anne cares about establishing a reputation around her horses, and ‘climbing the social ladder’ in terms of horse breeding. She is goal-oriented, highly motivated, and unscrupulous in how she gets what she wants. She ignores her feelings and other people’s problems in the process (when the camp is attacked, she takes her mare into her tent and remarks about ‘these people and their endless rivalries’ – inferring that their infighting is none of her business or concern). She won’t let anyone get in her way, but also figures out how to politely get things from them, warn them off, plant doubts in their head, and offer to buy them off. She is surprised when Frank turns down her offer of pleasure in her bed, because she knows she’s quite a catch (never mind that she is also married). Her 4 wing is somewhat elitist; she looks down on the Mustangs because they are ‘common little horses’ rather than the gorgeous Arabians she so admires, which come from a thousand year bloodline. She wants into that inner circle, at all costs. She is a bit of a snob.