Sheikh Riyadh’s relations accuse him of allowing his emotions to guide him, and his enemies use this against him by kidnapping his daughter and demanding his finest racehorse, the pride of his bloodline, unless he wants her head delivered in a bag. Riyadh has been permissive toward her desire to pursue “masculine” interests, but forbids her to do them in public. He is concerned with is reputation and standing, and in being traditional in his values. Because his culture allows for no mercy, he does not want to show any to those who betray his trust, steal from him, or whom he believes has ‘violated’ his daughter – he is willing to lash her a dozen times for going into a man’s tent, because his culture expects it from him. But he is also warm, generous, good-natured, and pleasant to be around. He shows genuine warmth toward Frank when they part, including shaking his hand in farewell (he initially refuses, since it’s beneath him to touch an infidel). Riyadh is highly traditional and obsessed with his horses and their pedigrees. He values the secrets of his forefathers and treasures the book they have passed down, which contains all they have learned about horses, because he knows they have proven their worth across the centuries. The longer something has been established and thought of as good, the more faith Riyadh has in it (Si). He also has a whimsical lower Ne which delights in dreaming about the wild west, in asking questions about Wild Bill Hitchcock, etc. He admits that his intuition is not good; that he cannot ‘see the future… or I would have bet on the Mustang!’ He has a good sense of humor, when his family honor is not involved. Riyadh never questions his own motivations, which means he has certain contradictions within his beliefs that his daughter points out to him (he should not say one thing, and do another).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Riyadh is concerned about appearances; he initially contacts Frank, because he’s upset that Frank has claimed that Hidalgo is the fastest horse in the world. He takes issue with this, because he considers his own horse to have the honor of that distinction – so he asks Frank to come compete in a race against his bloodline, in the full belief that doing so will prove him right, and Frank wrong. Riyadh allows his daughter to do certain things, up to a point, that aren’t normal for his culture, but he doesn’t want her to be seen doing any of them. He is charming, likable, and good-natured, but also cares so much about what others think, he is willing to hurt people sometimes to maintain his family’s reputation. As the story unfolds, his 2 wing comes into play in how generously he treats Frank, once he and Hidalgo have rescued his daughter. He accepts that he has lost and they won with grace, and invites them to stay in his home as long as they wish. He also has been permissive toward his daughter, allowing her to do the things her brothers would have done in her place.