Shady does not get much character development in this film, and her most memorable attribute is being a 6, but she does share all of her feelings in the moment that they happen (a Fe tendency), talking herself through situations and turning to others for advice and reassurance. She desperately wants to be included, to be given adult responsibilities, and feels bad if she lets others down as a result of being incapable of following through on her search for Baby Lickety Split. She actively tries to please other people and tends to see herself through their eyes and take personally their insistence that she is bad luck. Shady also has a tendency to assume based on her previous mishaps that she has “bad luck” and these problems will reappear in her current circumstances, while also hoping and wishing that “my luck can change!” out of an idealistic belief that the past doesn’t altogether have to define you (it just… does, most of the time). She doesn’t really speculate on where the smooze came from or what the witches intend from it, just hopes to be part of the solution and tries to contribute wherever she can.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Shady’s most obvious trait is her anxiety, her second-guessing of herself and her abilities (she will insist on doing something, and immediately lose faith in her ability to do it, turning to others for reassurance and feeling relief when they agree to come along with her, since then she isn’t alone), and her tendency to assume the worst of any situation. She is pessimistic and just knows nothing is ever going to turn out all right. She assumes she will fail and defeats herself before she even begins, but also has an optimistic 7 wing that encourages her to keep repeating her mantra over and over, that maybe her luck will “change.” She is willing to put herself out there and try, but also is too quick to rely on others when making decisions.