Wind Whistler is among the more sensible of the ponies, and always the one to come up with rational solutions – as an example, when they need to make their way through a sunflower field and can’t see over the tops, she suggests that she can fly ahead of them and keep them on the right path across the field. She sometimes states the obvious, and shows an interest in purely natural things (like pointing out that it’s not just any trees in the wood, but oaks). She darts in to save someone who falls behind, volunteers to lead the search for a solution to the smooze, and suggests that before they give up, they explore “every option” (Ne). She remains optimistic in the face of disaster, convinced that they can pull together and get things done, and determined not to give up. She rarely shows her emotions, but deeply cares about others and goes out her way to care for them by presenting solutions to their problems.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Confident in a crisis and sure of what she is doing, Wind Whistler acts out of instinct and her desire to do the right thing. She believes in appropriate behavior, but also reaching out and bringing others into the fold. She hasn’t much screen time, but does brave things, and when others compliment her on it, she modestly says that it’s “easy to find your courage when you are helping others.” She often offers to help out of a sense of duty and from seeing the needs of others, volunteering for missions, taking up leadership positions, and refusing to put others at risk.