Baby Lickety Split is all about her own feelings and sense of identity and personhood; she is defiant and somewhat self-absorbed. One of her first lines is to reject Spike’s suggestion that she not do a ballet step, since it might inconvenience others, by insisting “I can do whatever I want!” She then goes on to do just that, gets in trouble for it, and rejects everyone else by insisting on running away, while singing a power song about all the things she can do and even if she’s wrong, she will do it her way. She can be quite blunt in stating her feelings at times (“I am sure they aren’t monsters,” Spike says; “But they LOOK like monsters” she retorts). She is also somewhat impulsive and reactive, running away from her problems and introducing ballet steps to a scripted routine at the last minute. She loves to dance and sing and jump across ravines, and assumes she can do things better than she can, since she goes at them with confidence. She and Spike make their way through the caves, recruit some new friends to help them save the day, and help rescue their magical castle from the smooze, a voracious and thick slime that is attempting to cover all the land, at the behest of three witches who happen to hate ponies. She shows lower Ni under stress in her tendency to assume the worst, that they will never find their way home, and that nothing good can come of their misadventure, but she also feels confident at times that they can find ponies to help them. She does not think through any of her decisions, just acts on how she feels in any given moment.

Enneagram: 4w3 sx/so

Baby Lickety Split operates under the belief that she is misunderstood, persecuted, and not allowed to be herself. She has to set herself apart from the other pony children in their ballet performance by going off-script and introducing her own dance steps. When this causes a collision and upsets everyone, she goes off in a huff, insisting that nobody is going to tell her what to do, and if they don’t appreciate her, she will run away and do her own thing! Her attention always goes to her own feelings first; when the worst happens, and the land is being covered in smooze, she wails that if she hadn’t run away, none of this would have happened to “me” (she isn’t concerned with anyone else). She tends to be melodramatic, but also want people to look at her and see her for her talent and natural skills. She over-estimates what she can do, causing them to get stuck in a ravine.