Where Baby Lickety Split is all about her feelings and doing whatever she wants, Spike is more concerned with social harmony, in being appropriate, and in being considerate of others. He is polite and careful in how he phrases things when talking to other people, to avoid causing them offense. Spike cares about their feelings and tries to soften things, often saying what he thinks or knows others need to hear. When she becomes overly pessimistic, Spike assures her that they can both do it, that they will find a solution, and that they may as well try. He has a more practical approach to life than Baby Lickety Split; he doesn’t want her to introduce unknown elements into the ballet at the last minute, since he knows all the ponies have rehearsed extensively and it might cause her to get into trouble, or be inconvenient for the others. He advises her not to do it out of consideration for how others will react, and seems distressed when she chooses to do it anyway. Then, loyally, he tags along with her in her “running away,” sure that he needs to look after her. He remains optimistic and confident that it will all turn out well, even when others lose hope (his idealistic Ne), but does not really question things much or wonder what the smooze might be. It just is a problem that needs to be solved, and if he can bring others together to accomplish it, that’s even better!

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Spike is actively involved in a lot of different ponies’ lives, and won’t let one of his friends go off on their own without assuming it’s his responsibility to look after her. He goes along with Baby Lickety Split and attempts repeatedly to talk her out of running away, encourages her to come home, and tries to take care of her. He quickly makes friends wherever he goes, politely talking to the “monsters” and assuring them that they would welcome their help in solving the problem of the smooze seeping over the kingdom. He is generally thoughtful and wants to do the right thing, including encouraging Lickety Split to think more carefully about her actions and not be as impulsive.