Shep has lived a stable, permanent life in Manhattan before Gillian meets him. He is a successful publisher who knows all about books, but has more of a professional business interest in them than a personal one. Even though he thinks Magic in Mexico is utter tripe, he wishes he had published it because then he could be raking in the loads of cash, so he wishes he could meet the author and get the rights to his next title. Shep is polite, but also straightforward in ejecting his nosy upstairs neighbor from his room, and remarking on her strange late-night activities (“Sometimes when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep, I hear you chanting”). He is so practical and down to earth, he won’t believe in magic until it literally smacks him in the face – until he has seen it, touched it, experienced it, and come to the horrific awakening that he has no reasons for anything he is doing, and can’t remember half of what has happened to him in the last few days. He has no real reason why he suddenly hates the manuscript on his desk, and that shocks and upsets him, because he’s used to having a good reason for his decisions. Shep when under a spell is lovesick and agreeable, but his usual self is more brisk, rude, and confrontational. Still, he can’t deny how he feels about Gillian when they meet again under different circumstance and he realizes that she has become human – she shows all the physical signs that go along with what he read in her brother’s book (tears, having fallen in love) and he accepts her again into his life. Shep is distrustful of anything fantastical or magical; he doesn’t suspect his neighbors of anything peculiar, and just chalks their ‘set’ of people up to being weird (“The place was more like Halloween than Christmas”).

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Shep is agreeable in general and pleasant, but also admits he has lived a safe life and wants a normal existence; he wants to marry Gillian after two weeks of endless obsessive passion (she turned on his sx, and he can’t shut it off again when they meet), and he gets talked into marrying another girl on a whim – which is unlike him. He approaches people with a combination of suspicion (what are they up to, and is this dangerous?) and humor (making even his accusations into jokes). He is open to new experiences and ideas, such as seeking out the Zodiac club and taking his date there, out of a desire to have a new experience. He knows the truth about Gillian and is angry enough to confront her, but then becomes anxious about what she might do, and rushes off to his ex, to make sure she doesn’t get seduced or transported somewhere. Later, seeing a change in Gillian, he forgives her and stays with her again, implying that he has formed an attachment to her, despite all the bad blood between them.