Irons builds weapons for one purpose alone, to kill Superman—when he could not do so on his own planet, he came to earth (through an accidental portal) and decides to do the same here, out of a pre-assumption that if one planet isn’t safe, another isn’t safe. He is also very detached in his decision-making process; when General Lane calls him in to help with Superman after he has “turned,” Irons tells Lois that even if she can’t face it, Lane brought him here to “do what must be done, to put him down.” He doesn’t intend to play nice with him; he is going to kill him – until she convinces him that Clark can fight, that he has loved ones and a family to bring him back to sanity. He built a suit that enables him to engage in combat and protects him from harm. He is direct, straightforward, and doesn’t intend to stick around, because seeing Lois every day reminds him of his wife, a painful incident from his past. Irons is single-minded, and hell-bent on doing what he set out to do – it takes an immense effort for anyone to change his mind about anything, once he has visualized it. He’s not always right in his intuitive leaps, though he is correct in that Lane knew he could do what the general could not, have the courage and detachment necessary to kill a threat. He devoted his entire life to taking out Superman, and has become obsessed with stopping him. Irons is willing to take on physical risks – he has good enough sensory reflexes to take out adversaries with his specially designed hammer, but he also often goes against the best advice of his automation system and ignores it—using up his energy sources when fighting Kyrptonians and almost dying as a result (he expends his last bit of energy to throw the hammer from space and take out Morgan Edge, knowing it will get him killed). Irons has a lot of love for his own family and his planet, which translates over into caring about earth, but is also more callous than many of the other characters. He doesn’t really care about anyone who might ‘love’ Superman until he has that personal connection to Lois, and relates it back to his own feelings about being a father—then, he is able to reach Clark through them.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sx

Irons is all about doing “the right thing” even when it’s hard – which at first he believes means killing Superman before he can wreak global devastation on the planet, just as he did on Irons’ earth. He believes he has a responsibility to take care of other people, and won’t let personal sentiment get in the way of that at first—he argues fiercely that they can’t trust Superman not to follow the same road that got his wife and daughter killed. But when Irons sees Superman interact with his family, when he discovers who Clark Kent is, and hears Lois appeal (beg) him to help bring her husband back from his mind control, Irons does the right thing by lowering his weapons and compelling Clark to fight like hell for his loved ones – allowing him to break through the mind-wipe and restore his self-control. He is firm, decisive, and knows what he believes should happen and crusades to make it so. He also deals with a lot of anger about what happened to his loved ones, but his 2 wing makes it possible for him to turn Superman back to good through his affection for Lois, and because he can see the good in Clark Kent.