Kyle is an extreme opportunist who leaps on things the minute they seem like a good idea – he is the foremost champion of Morgan Edge moving into the community, buying up the mines, and providing them all with jobs, salaries, and bringing more profit to the community. He has become a high-ranking fireman, because of his fearlessness and tendency to charge in without thinking to save people’s lives; after the community turns on him and tries to force him out of action, he puts in for another position two hours away at another firehouse, where he knows he can step into the chief’s position without any trouble. It doesn’t take him long to decide to sell the house, uproot them all, and move, because he can see that Smallville is “dying” and there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. He often physically engages with his children, offering to play an accompaniment so Sarah can compete in a talent show, but then he winds up not going at the last minute. Kyle is more detached than his wife, and makes decisions that make sense to him, rather than considering their emotional impact, although he tries to remain in good standing in the community and with his family. He uses rational reasons why they should welcome Edge and support the new profits it will bring to the community, he makes a logical decision to sell their house and move rather than stay and watch the community die, and he argues that Lana needs to not be sentimental about the town. Kyle uses a lot of Fe as well – he convinces all his neighbors to get on board with the scheme, he hosts regular BBQs where he enjoys making others happy, he is up-front with his resentments toward Lois for being suspicious of Edge, and he is often able to connect easily to his wife and kids. But that doesn’t mean he’s good with their feelings. He lets them down many times by not keeping his promises, not being places when he said he would help them with something (Sarah’s recital), and by being outspoken. His intuition is poor; he never once thought Edge might be up to something, dismissed Lois’ hunches as unsubstantiated, and has no real long-term plan for his life.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Kyle is a large personality and often needs kept in line; he and Lois strongly clash when she moves to town, due to their differences of opinion and his determination to bring the entire community into line with his own thinking. He alternates between wanting peaceful interactions with his friends and neighbors, and taking an aggressive stance. Unlike Lois, he has more faith in this man as someone who will make a difference and bring jobs to Smallville, but becomes disgruntled after he is possessed and can’t make up his mind between wanting to leave town (since no one wants them there, and is harassing his family) and feeling the need to stay and fight for his community. He often sinks himself into negative behaviors, such as drinking, to avoid dealing with problems in his personal life or his frustration at being unable to provide well enough for his family. He can flare up, lose his temper, and become explosive, but his wife can often easily calm him down just by putting her hand on his arm.