Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Morgan has become a successful and powerful businessman, who worked his way up from nothing and built his own empire. Now, he has come to Smallville to purchase the mines to get kryptonite out of them, to use in his grand scheme to turn many of the locals into Kryptonians, so they can take over the planet (a vision he shares with his father, out of a desire to build something new and dominate humanity). He prefers to buy people off through offering them plum positions – he manipulates Lana Lang into working for him and recruiting people for his team, knowing that she is well-liked in the community and others will listen to and trust her. When he wants to take control of Superman, he takes the most direct method—he attacks and threatens his family, forcing him to come along willingly to stop him from violence. He subjects him to the same treatment he received, and also tells him it’s easier just to “give in” rather than fight it. He targets Metropolis as the first place to wreak devastation, as a major power center. He has keen insights and a singular plan he works toward, but is also a risk-taker, who is opportunistic and willing to fight his own battles, rather than just send minions to do it. His inferior Fi is misguided in that he has no real concern for humanity, only his own resentments toward Clark. The flashbacks reveal a lot of teen and young adult angst, because he had to train, endure torture, and hide in the shadows while Superman got a nice family and to become a hero in others’ eyes. When he finally is defeated toward the end of the first season, he admits that “all I ever wanted was a family.” Not realizing that he could have, at any time, have gotten one, by crushing his father’s essence stone and choosing to go his own way in life.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Morgan turned out the way he did because he so desperately wanted love from his father, that he transformed himself into whatever was most desired – allowing himself to be “remade” and keeping up a long con with humanity, coming to town and pretending to be a benevolent entrepreneur with an eye for improving Smallville, while secretly conspiring behind the scenes to turn them all into Kryptonians by borrowing their bodies and replacing their minds (and giving them powers) with his fallen brethren. His motivations even there are to avoid solitude, to have others in his life who are like him, to fulfill the emptiness he feels inside. His 4 wing comes out in his anger over his childhood, the abuses he suffered (rather than a loving family, he was hunted, had intrusive tests run on him, and then was mercilessly ‘trained’ by his Kryptonian father through torture until he grew ‘strong’ and surrendered his will). He is envious of Clark and the life he had, the family he has produced, and unwilling to let go of his resentment, frustration, and sense of victimhood.