Lana is a warm and generous woman who is highly involved within her community in making everyone feel welcomed, included, and important. She thinks about how others will interpret her actions and tries to monitor them to be more appropriate (saying she should have invited Lois and Clark much sooner to a communal BBQ, and not wanting to put her husband up for a position that has opened up in her new job, since it might look like nepotism). She’s skilled at putting others at ease and communicating to them in heartfelt ways (telling Lois that she saw an enormous change in Clark for the good, and knew it was because he was dating Lois; encouraging her husband not to give up hope after he has lost his job; counseling her daughter on how to deal with life’s hardships). Lana is so even tempered and used to holding back her feelings (her daughter accuses her of not being sincere; and she says it’s true, sometimes she smiles for other people’s sake when she wants to scream), it surprises her to feel her own deep anger when confronted with people who are insincere and trashing her family behind their backs. Lana also is connected to her roots and her past; she has “built a life here in Smallville” without ever leaving it, and it pains her to think that with people unfairly holding her husband responsible for what happened with Morgan Edge, they might have to move. At first, she soundly rejects this idea in favor of optimistically insisting that they can make everything all right. Lana loves to take part in the community’s annual events and head them up – collecting clothes and things for rummage sales, chairing the bake sales and organizing the harvest festival. She has many fond memories of Clark, and can easily see the difference between his old self and his newer one. Lana is highly optimistic and hopeful, at first not believing Lois when she claims Morgan Edge is a dangerous problem, but gradually becoming suspicious of him, and anxious about what he might do (her lower intuition). She finds it easier to let Lois do the thinking for her, although she wants to do the investigating herself – because she feels responsible for getting the town invested in his cause.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Lana is optimistic, cheerful, good-natured, and always invested in the lives of those around her. She looks for ways to lift people up by telling them what is good about themselves, including her husband—though he has come home drunk more times than she can count, she remains in the marriage, working hard to make sure it succeeds, and tries to give him hope about their future as a family. Her daughter can’t figure out why she doesn’t just leave him, but Lana can’t give up on the man she loves so easily. She looks for ways to help others however she can, promising to see what she can do in terms of making their loan repayments easier, eagerly helping her friends get a new lease on life, and insisting on repaying others back for their kindnesses. But she also feels a lot of guilt and shame about convincing them to trust Morgan Edge; she’s willing to risk her life to go undercover with him, in the hope of finding out what he’s up to, and believes she should be the one to get possessed by a Kryptonian entity, so she can “put things right.” On rare occasions, she becomes really angry and assertive, and puts people in their place (moving toward 8) only to feel shocked at her own behavior.