Sarah is very guarded about her emotions until she knows she has something in common with Jordan, then opens up to him about her mental illness and talks about how she tried to commit suicide, because she was afraid she would wind up just like her mother—stuck and trapped in Smallville. She has extremely blunt opinions, telling the boys immediately that living in Smallville sucks. She also can’t understand her mother’s Fe tendency to suppress her genuine reactions to keep others from being happy – she doesn’t know how Lana can keep on “smiling, when she doesn’t want to smile.” Nor does she understand giving her father multiple chances, after he has proven himself drunk and unreliable. After he’s possessed by a Kryptonian, Sarah feels immense regret that “The last thing I said to him was to accuse him of being drunk!” She can’t let that be their parting words, so she sneaks into a holding tent to see him. Sarah loves to go places and do things, is very active in her community, and spends a lot of time in solitude as well—she finds it fun to go out to the waterfall by the pond and just sit there, or spend time with Jordan. They don’t need to be doing anything, provided they are together. Sarah also spends a lot of time with her sister, doing whatever she wants as a way to bond (and offers to babysit her, so her parents can have a date night). She is willing to take risks, often visits the party scene, turns up a lot around Jordan, and becomes physical with him quickly, based on how she feels about him. The minute she thinks they are actually going to move, she rushes off to find him and confide in him, upset because “long-distance relationships often don’t work.” Sarah can be somewhat blunt under stress, accusing her father of letting her down, of being irresponsible, and coming home drunk; yelling at her mother, telling them off for “being all talk and no action… you said we should fight for this town, and now you’re running away?!”

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

She has a lot of self-doubt. Sarah doesn’t want to take part in a talent show at first, because she’s insecure about her voice—it’s only because she thinks she might get to spend time with her dad that she agrees to it, and then only because Jordan is willing to go out there with her and play accompaniment to her singing that she goes through with it. She would rather avoid direct conflict whenever possible—not being assertive with the boys on the football team when they deliberately do not invite her to a party, but showing up there to find Jordan because she’s upset about the news she has just learned. She’s somewhat skeptical and suspicious at times, but also wants to ignore the bad things in her life, escape into the wilderness, and do something fun rather than cope with her negative feelings. When the whole world seems to be falling apart, Sarah tries to see the bright side, takes Jordan out into the woods for some alone time, and keeps her sister happy. She also feels responsible for those around her, and is loyal to her family, even when her dad disappoints her. Her loyalty to the town also comes out when she argues that they shouldn’t run away, just because people don’t like them—they should do what’s right, stay and fight.