Jon is the brother more concerned with being ‘present,’ looking for opportunities, and acting on them. He more than once saves his family by reacting as things happen—preventing his brother from doing harm to himself at a BBQ, slamming a van into a man who is trying to kill their dad (and incapacitating him), and even risking his own life in researching and watching information not for his eyes. Curious about what someone said about alternate earth, he looked up the video files, witnessed alternate Lois’ death, and processed it on his own. He is a football star who doesn’t altogether love his brother becoming talented at it as a result of some of his super powers, but who also in a low Fe way wants to encourage him, keep him happy, and be supportive of him. Jon is more rational than Jordan in that he figures out after their father has disappeared that Jordan could use his super hearing to find their dad, and pinpoint his location, so they could send a rescue team to get him. He talks him through it, and convinces him to keep searching, assuming that maybe he didn’t hear their dad because he was ‘off the grid.’ Jon is also able to interact with Lois without taking what she says too personally, even if it rattles him at the time; he’s able to process it and move on without becoming emotionally compromised. He loves praise, interaction with his peers, and is very encouraging toward his loved ones—but also he can be a little bit of a jerk sometimes, saying things to provoke his brother and get a reaction out of him, or dropping a “joke” that has a mean little edge to it. Jon doesn’t trust what he can’t see, doesn’t put any faith in hunches, and never tries to form them.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Lois says that Jon is the son who is always “happy.” It’s true, even when he is enormously disappointed that he has no super abilities of his own, he immediately puts on a smile and tells his brother how wonderful that is, and all the cool things they can now do together. He maintains a cheerful attitude even when he’s benched on the football team and this veneer of happiness only cracks when he has nothing to look forward to anymore (like when his girlfriend dumps him… although fairly soon, Jon starts flirting with other girls in town). He remains optimistic about his life, his future, his dad, and the prospect of getting him back safe, even when things appear to be dire. Jordan is always popping jokes and making others happy, but also can be paranoid, suspicious, and a little anxious when it appears that things are going wrong. He worries about the personal safety of his loved ones and submits whenever his mother gets angry, rather than firing back at her most of the time.