Function Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Lois is all about digging to the bottom of things in under to understand them, and expose them to the wider community. She refuses to let things go whenever they seem wrong to her, whether that instinct comes from her “gut” feelings (Ni) or her sense that the story doesn’t quite add up. She is purposeful, but also willing to sacrifice her job and reputation to get to the bottom of things – defying and being suspicious of Morgan Edge even when it’s unpopular. She also isn’t fully aware of the potential repercussions of this, since it catches her off guard that he would violate journalistic integrity by suppressing her news story and editing her column to reflect his own agenda. Lois tends to make split second decisions, such as quitting her job in anger over this, and then going to sign up as a journalist for the Smallville paper within a few hours (taking a pay cut in the process, but at least her integrity is intact). She agrees with Clark to uproot the kids and bring them to the farm, expecting them to blend in and go along with things the same as she does (with ease). Lois often puts herself at physical risk on her investigations – going places, getting in people’s faces, and taking risks, while coming down hard on her kids for stepping outside the line or getting into trouble. She has a lot of Ni instincts; something she can’t explain tells her that there’s more to Edge than meets the eye, so she digs up information until she starts to expose his nefarious aims. She will often tell Clark she has no explanation, but that “my instincts are telling me…” or “my gut says…” Lois has a strong lower Ni that often locks itself into one point of view and refuses to budge; despite the evidence, she insists Superman can be turned back to good (and begs the man assigned to kill him to try to “change him back” first – she’s right). She refuses to tolerate the idea of keeping weapons around that could kill him. Lois has fairly good inferior Fe in that she cares a great deal about her kids, and doesn’t want to uproot their lives unnecessarily. She also wants to contribute to the wider community by exposing bad guys. But she is prone to losing her temper under stress, to telling off her kids in extreme terms, and to not being able to process her feelings (she blames herself for her miscarriage, but doesn’t talk about it for many years, until a therapist exposes her true feelings).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Lois admits to her therapist that she can get so angry, her own rage almost scares her – and that she can sometimes say things to the people she loves that she fears has cut them so deeply, she can never take it back or make it up to them. It’s true, when her son almost gets himself killed in a trailer, she reams him over good rather than admit that she’s scared to lose him, leaving him devastated and herself wracked with guilt. Lois doesn’t want to confess to him that the thought of losing another child (after a miscarriage) devastated her – so she reacted in anger. She defies anyone who tries to control her, at times tells Clark to shut up and listen (“we’ll discuss my thing first!”), goes behind her dad’s back to get things done, and calls out the richest, most powerful man she knows, rather than let him get away with abuses of power or seducing her friends into a false enterprise. She’s not afraid to contradict her boss, walk out on a job, confront a total stranger, and argue adamantly against killing Superman. Lois is a realist, but also a fierce optimist. She tries to lighten things up in the family and keep them fun through engaging her kids in exciting activities. She won’t listen to anyone who tries to tell her that Superman has gone bad and must be killed to save the planet, arguing that he loves them so much, he can fight through any mind control and return back to normal. Rather than deal with the pain of a miscarriage, she took a few days off and then… went back to work, as a distraction.