Molly misses the circus more than Stanton; she misses the sense of family and camaraderie that it provided her, even though Stanton has given her a successful life. She invites all their old friends to the hotel and seems to come alive around them, because she grew up with them – and no doubt, after she runs away at the end, she goes back to them. Molly has done the same act for many years without any variation; she has never thought about how to create a new one, or how to add to it to make it more interesting – and she finds Stanton’s ideas about changing her routine exciting (even though she resists them at first). She has to see things to accept them—his concept and drawings are not enough, but his prototype convinces her that this is a great idea. Molly has been slow to mature into her womanhood; she tells him she has never lain with anyone ‘by choice’ and asks him to be gentle with her. She also has a traditional view in that she wants to get married, with the belief that this will keep them together forever. She becomes suspicious he is having an affair because of the change in his routine (he is no longer sleeping with her) and assumes his mistress is the woman who ‘caught his eye’ at the hotel (she’s right). Molly is emotional, and considerate of others’ needs. Stanton knows that to convince her to do his medium act with him, and for her not to see it as ‘taking advantage of people,’ he has to point out the sense of peace communicating with a dead child brought to them. He emphasizes that it’s a good thing they are doing, helping people, which allows her to be more accepting of the idea. She wants him to tell people when it’s a hoax, so he doesn’t mislead them, out of a general concern for the emotional welfare of strangers. Molly is sweet and temperate, but also withdraws from him when she is no longer happy and leaves him when she cannot stomach his actions.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Molly copes with the threats and pressures of the outside world by seeking peace within her relationships. She doesn’t like Stanton to be upset with her, but also struggles to remember the complicated codes from the book of tells—and feels anxious whenever he gets angry at her for misleading him or giving him bad information. She feels happier when they are under less pressure, and just being together in a pleasurable way. But she also merges into him and goes along with all of his demands—even though she has a moral objection about misleading people with their medium act, she does it. She fears he is in too deep, and wants nothing to do with him anymore, so she tries to run—only to agree to help him one last time when he catches up to her at the bus station. She becomes distraught whenever anyone is violent or unpredictable around her. She says she used to feel pain when the electrical current went through her, but she learned to ‘ignore’ it and numb herself to it. Her 1 wing has strong views about doing what is right, not being deceitful toward people, but she rarely expresses these opinions, and her own anger seems ‘big’ to her (she yells at him for cheating on her in a public bathroom, but also is attempting to get away from him at the same time).

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