Function Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

Lilith knows a con man when she spots one, and Stanton strikes her as a con man, so she goes out of her way to expose him under the request of a client interested in his potential as a medium. But when he fools the audience by accurately guessing what she has in her handbag, she wants to know how he did it, and invites him to her office. She is most curious about his psyche and what is driving him—she agrees to give him information in exchange for him answering her questions, so she can gain a better comprehension of what drives him… or so Stanton thinks. Lilith is actually in a long con, manipulating him into doing what she wants. She tells him things deliberately, knowing he will take advantage of them (that she records all their sessions—she suspects he will steal and listen to the tapes, which will leave her free of any blame if and when he gets arrested). She tells him things to get him to trust her, and even enters into a sexual relationship with him, knowing she can deny it all and attribute any claims on his part to her patient ‘objectifying’ her and his fixation for her. In the end, she winds up stealing thousands of dollars from him, while setting him up to take the fall for a murder. But she takes her scheme one step too far and tells him she loves him as part of the con, which makes him suspicious of her. Lilith prior to then was blunt, assertive, and inquisitive, asking him difficult questions and forcing him to confront his inner demons. This sudden shift from logic to emotion gave her away – in truth, she does not care about him, she merely sees him as an opportunity. Lilith is also poor at reacting in the moment; she was incapable of thinking fast on her feet when he exposed her crime, and almost got strangled to death as a result (an inferior Se inability to adapt and respond quickly).

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Lilith’s motivations are hidden under layers of deceit. She plays the role of a psychologist but is actually a manipulative con woman herself, who sees an opportunity and takes it, who does not like to be taken down a peg in front of a crowd, and becomes fascinated with a man whom she senses can be ‘played.’ She and he engage in power dynamics in which she clearly wants and needs the upper hand, but even that is something of a con—she doesn’t let anyone in, she tells no one who she truly is, she reveals personal information only when it gives her the advantage, and she has a great deal of disdain for the weak. Lilith believes in her own ability to adapt and survive, and also in covering her tracks so no one traces the criminal activities to her. She dresses and acts in a way intended to appeal to men, but also warn them not to meddle with her, and has an elitist streak of independence and untouchable poise.

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