Uncle Charlie says living in the moment is his motto, that today is all that matters, he doesn’t look backward or ahead. He is opportunistic, and quick to think on his feet. When detectives pursue him for his crimes of seducing and strangling rich widows, he immediately decides to go visit his sister and her family to drop off the radar, and turns up there with only a few hours’ notice. Since he has been careful to allow no photos of him to be taken, he demands the film after one of them (under disguise as a government employee) snaps a picture of him. He rather impulsively and foolishly gives his family gifts taken off the widows, including an emerald ring to Charlie, but failed to notice the dedication inscribed inside the band, which gives her proof of his guilt. Once she suspects him, Charlie knows he has to kill her to cover his tracks and cleverly starts to arrange accidents around her—sawing through one of the planks on the back stairs that she always uses, noticing that the garage door sticks, and trapping her inside with a car left on so it will fumigate her, and even attempting to throw her off a moving train shortly after it leaves the station. Although a psychopath, he is clever and detached from humanity, seeing them as a scourge, and generalizing them into a great swath of people rather than seeing them as individuals (no Fi). Uncle Charlie sees no problem taking what he wants, and often skates by on pure tert-Fe charm. Everyone likes him, he can convince anyone to do what he wants, he tries to talk himself out of everything, and he’s attentive to others’ emotions. But he takes nothing seriously; “the whole world is a joke to me,” he says, before teasing her father at the bank, and causing him discomfort. He even drops little hints about his crimes, in the assumption no one will be any the wiser (“I’m not afraid of being robbed. God takes care of fools and scoundrels”). Uncle Charlie shows no long term thinking, although he does swiftly figure out that Charlie is on to him, because her behavior and mental attitude toward him has changed and become more distant, distrustful, and accusatory.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Uncle Charlie is likable and charming, easily able to convince others that he is innocent, by playing whatever role is required from him at the time. Though he cares nothing about the past, he will happily reminisce with his sister to keep her happy, bringing up childhood incidents, talking about how beautiful she is, and indulging her emotional sentimentalism for their childhood. He appeals to others with gifts and treats, and always manages to come out of bad situations looking good. He has successfully manipulated a lot of people into trusting him who shouldn’t, and while he steals from rich women, he pretends not to care about the money. Though he displays certain 2 wing behaviors (using gifts to buy affection), he also shows 4ish traits of elitism, scorn for those beneath him, and contempt for ordinary women. Uncle Charlie inadvertently lets his true feelings about them slip when he says widows are ugly and fat women who eat and drink away their fortunes, who don’t deserve to live for their commonality, and that the world is a hell, so what does it matter what you do in it?

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