Elizabeth cares very much about the family legacy and the history of the house, and has lived there for many years even though she no longer has the funds to maintain it. She has found most of the secret caches and made practical use of them – keeping her craft projects in one hidden room, her tennis rackets in another. She is skeptical of Barnabus being who he says he is until he shows her the only cache she has never found—full of paintings, money, and treasure that they immediately put to work in rebuilding the cannery, repairing the house, and attempting to ‘take back’ power in the town so they can turn a profit. She is somewhat droll and sensible, having hired a psychiatrist to deal with her nephew after the loss of his mother (he says he sees ghosts; so she hired a professional to deal with it, and complains that she was supposed to stay a few weeks and has been here ever since). Elizabeth sees the business angle of Barnabus’ reappearance, since she knows he was once a successful man who ran their empire on his own—she trusts that if he did it once, he can do it again, and encourages him to get back to work. She also comes up with a decent cover story for all of his eccentricities (silver burning him is a terrible metal allergy; he’s from England, where they have peculiar views, etc). She loves her family and is protective of them, wielding a shotgun against Angelique and fighting off various wooden creatures that come after her out of the paneling. But she has very little interest in theories; she doesn’t bother to try and understand psychology (she just wants to work), and although aware of the curse, is shocked to discover it has affected her daughter by turning her into a werewolf.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Straightforward and purposeful, Elizabeth asserts herself easily and often—she doesn’t know who Barnabus is at first, but tells her children to get away from him. She scoffs at him revealing secret caches that she already knows about, because “all old houses have secret rooms.” She welcomes Victoria into the house, but also informs her about everyone there and encourages her to just do her job. She’s annoyed with her family members for arguing and being inappropriate in front of the new governess, she thinks her brother is a flake who doesn’t take his parenting job seriously, she doesn’t like the psychiatrist who seems to do nothing but drink and accuse people of being liars, and … yet she lets them all live in her home, provides for them, and tolerates them as well as a 2 wing can do, assuming she has to look after them all and provide for their needs, out of a sense of duty.

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