Victoria says she has always felt ‘pulled’ to come to Collins Hall, though she never understood it; even as a child, she knew her destiny was to go there and as an adult, when she meets Barnabus, she says she now knows why, to be with him. She has an idiosyncratic point of view; where others see her charge as delusional for believing in his mother’s spectral form, Victoria shifts her perspective to re-frame it in an unusual way; she says loved ones are just in another dimension and some special people have the ability to see through into it. We later learn this is because she too can see them, and feels guided by them. Though she is quite withdrawn and introspective, Victoria tries to be appropriate, is quick to assert her romantic feelings for Barnabus (she is glad to have ‘attracted’ him, but feels somewhat put off by his vampirism), and is willing to change to be with him; she says at the end, there is only one way they can be together, since ‘I am of the light, and you are of the shadows,’ forcing him to transform her after she leaps off the cliff. She has clearly thought about it, and decided ‘for certain’ what she wants to do. Victoria shows very little Se, except in her determination to come to the manor, her willingness to die to be transformed, and her risk-taking endeavors (she catches a ride from the station from total strangers).

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Victoria tells Barnabus toward the end of the story that all she has ever wanted in life is to be included and find a place where she belongs. She wants to be at peace with her decision, and goes about her life calmly and deliberately, but is also somewhat withdrawn and introspective. Victoria doesn’t go out of her way to be friendly to anyone, but answers questions when asked. She mostly lets everyone else be who they are, without any desire to change any of them, and remains blank-faced and impassive when others quarrel (or looks uncomfortable). She doesn’t pursue Barnabus so much as she expects him to come after her (and he does). She is quiet, demure, polite, and appropriate in her behavior.

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