Angelique’s entire motivation is emotional. She fell in love with Barnabus when they were young in the 1600s, they had a love affair, and then he told her he did not care about her, so she set out to make his life miserable. She killed his parents to cause him emotional pain, she caused the love of his life to commit suicide, and then she cursed him to be a vampire, so she could lock him in a coffin for hundreds of years so that he could think about what he did to her. In the meantime, she continues to destroy his descendents, by taking the family business away from them and establishing her own, Angel Bay. She has everyone in town eating out of the palm of her hand. Once Barnabus returns, she has a delusional idea that she can convince him to love her again, and rule the town “by my side.” When he doesn’t, she again destroys his business and attacks his reputation, intending to turn the town against him once more. She is single-minded to the point of blindness; willfully determined to eventually force him to love her, so they can live out the life together that she has envisioned and worked toward all these years. She has spent almost two hundred years in the same town, waiting patiently for him to awaken so she can unfold her second attempt to win him… or destroy him. Angelique is somewhat impulsive and reactive in the moment; she will plan things out (such as having everything in place to imprison Barnabus if he rejects her) but also uses her body, her sexuality, and immediate emotional decisions to react to things (blowing up the cannery, turning the crowd against him, having hate-sex and destroying her office). She never questions her motivations or whether what she’s doing is stupid or not (she could go find somebody else and have a normal life, instead of wasting it waiting around for someone who doesn’t love her and never will).

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

There’s a saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” that must have been about a sexual 2, because when sexual 2s get spurned, they move into 8 territory, and that’s what she’s done. All of her motivations are about love, being loved, being spurned, being spurned for another woman, and getting rid of her competition while wreaking hell upon the man she trusted who betrayed her. She is outraged to know she was just used for meaningless sex, and assumes she can use sex to get him back into her life. Even at the end, she still offers him her heart, before it crumples to pieces in her hand. Angelique is also highly ambitions, determined, motivated, and successful, having built up her own business from scratch and dominated the industry, in part to take down the Collins family. She manipulates people into going along with her schemes and believing her accusations, easily.

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