Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Barnabas comes back after two hundred years in a coffin and the first thing he does is reestablish the family business by marching into their ancestral home (and telling anyone who will listen all about its elusive history), raiding the secret money stash, cleaning out the derelict cannery, and reestablishing his family trade. He has a good head for business and managed to turn his family’s cannery into a profit as a young man, even after losing his parents. He’s willing to adapt to the modern world only in so much as it gets him places, and has a tangible or monetarily result, but has no real sense of or concern for anyone’s feelings (he calls his great, great, great niece a “street walker”). Barnabas acknowledges his own shortcomings and turns to others for modern dating advice, because he logically reasons that someone like Carolyn might be more able to tell him what a woman wants in the modern world (and by the way, she should get married at once, and put her “good birthing hips” to good use). His detachment and bluntness is what got him into a mess in the first place, since he refused to lie and tell Angelique that he loved her when in fact, he was just using her (a servant in his household) for sex. Barnabus is beyond stuck in the past. The modern world confuses, frightens, and intimidates him, and he continues to live as he did before, rather than modernize himself (he wears all the same clothes, says the same things, and doesn’t appear to have any ability to adapt). He holds onto the old traditional beliefs (birthing hips, the rightful place of women, etc) that he was raised with, and is eager to reestablish the family name, crest, and business rather than inventing something new. Barnabas falls for a girl who is a dead ringer for his first love. He’s open to change and new ideas, but wasn’t quick enough to intuit Angelique’s true intentions and winds up locked in a coffin a second time!  Barnabas uses his vast experience with her to figure out what she’s going to do next. He didn’t love Angelique so he refused to state otherwise; he can be blunt about his feelings, but isn’t eager to share them or talk about his former experiences. Barnabas feels strongly about a few things, but tends to dismiss or ignore others’ feelings much of the time. All these years later, he still doesn’t understand why Angelique is upset with him enough to curse his entire family.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Barnabus is an aggressive man who takes whatever he wants, without any consideration for others’ needs; he apologizes for killing a bunch of people, but still does it, because he needs their blood. He preys on Angelique as a servant and then refuses to take any responsibility for his actions toward her. Though he’s very fussed about the “family honor and reputation,” he routinely lies to protect it, he bribes one of his family members to get out of their life (not thinking how this will emotionally devastate his child), and he is highly ambitions and driven. Elizabeth reminds him at one point that he single-handedly turned the cannery into a prosperous business on his own, after his parents died, and he cheerfully pursues making it so once again, so they can once more have power, influence, and a good reputation. Barnabus fawns over his mansion and tells anyone who will listen about the great trouble and expense they went to, to make it as glorious as it is; he infers that it was worth all the craftsman’s fingers that got destroyed in the process, to have these wonderful carved wooden columns. His 4 wing tends to be somewhat snobbish and elitist, but also moody and self-pitying. He bemoans having spent two hundred years in a coffin, his lost love, and seems to have given up in frustration at one point, seeing no purpose in his existence.

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