Oliver sees potential where others do not; he comes up with the idea for a podcast which will gain them listeners and pulls strings to get support and even get their name mentioned on an important interview. He easily leaps to unfounded theories, such as accusing Mabel at one point of betraying them and being involved with the very crime they are investigating – much to Charles’ annoyance. He chases after any new idea or theory until it proves wrong, then dumps it for a new idea, repeating this process over and over throughout the course of solving the crime. Oliver, however, has no real ‘why’ or evidence to support any of them, and gets frustrated when asked to provide it. He is very self-absorbed, self-promoting, and emotional, becoming insulted when Charles can’t remember the name of his dog. He’s also oblivious to others’ feelings and prone to asking them insulting questions. Ultimately, he wants to ‘narrow things down’ in a tert-Te way; he intends to get attention, success, and achieve followers through his podcast, and becomes angry at someone for suggesting they are following the wrong lead. He argues that they shouldn’t be reconsidering people they already dismissed and who have no motive. Oliver gets so frustrated with his person’s presence in the room, he rudely insults her food and asks her to leave, kicking her out of his apartment without any consideration for how she might feel about it. He also finds it hard to tear up a check, because it means money to fund their podcast and upgrade all their equipment (which is important to him, they need to sound professional), even though the person who gave it to them might be the murderer. Oliver shows a lack of Si in his inattentiveness to details (less important than theories) and to his own self-care; he never has anything in the refrigerator, though under times of stress, he becomes finicky about food and runs to the market for stuff which to stuff his face.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Oliver is all about self-promoting and making a big deal out of things in the hopes it will bring him the fame he covets after his big “oops” on Broadway (which wound up getting some people hurt). He is wildly enthusiastic about his projects, and somewhat … um, attention seeking. He is forever self-promoting, whether that involves trying to sell ‘official merch’ (after someone else gives him the idea), or coming up with the idea for the podcast in the first place. He’s a ‘genius’ by his own standards who always assumes people know who he is, want an autograph, or are waiting breathlessly for his next assignment – he doesn’t like the face the realization that he is getting old, he ignores the bills he doesn’t have the money to pay, and is rather self-absorbed, melodramatic, and hysterical when the situation calls for it. He has never gotten over his ‘catastrophic failure,’ though he is determined to make a comeback at some point and is working hard to that end.