Gaston has a reputation for being a great hunter who loves to kill things, because he enjoys the immense physicality of it – he is hot-blooded and takes immediate advantage of situations. When Belle refuses to marry him on the afternoon he asks her to, Gaston storms off to the pub, where he drowns his sorrows in drink, singing, and being with his friends, and then immediately devises a nefarious, cunning scheme to blackmail her into marrying him, by calling her father a coot and paying the man who manages the local mental asylum to come and take him away. Gaston, when he learns about the Beast, rouses a torch-bearing mob and leads them to the castle, where he intends to kill the Beast and ‘bring back his head to mount on my wall!’ His tactics are all self-serving and logical, but underhanded; using blackmail against Belle, by setting her and her father up to fall into a situation where he will have to get them out of it. Gaston also is patronizing and disinterested in anything intellectual (how can she read a book without any pictures in it? And why would any man want a woman to start ‘thinking’? UGH!). He assumes that his bravado, boasting, and charm will make every woman fall at his feet, and is angry when it doesn’t work with Belle. Because she’s the only girl not interested in him, of course she’s the one that he wants (because, as he admits, she’s the only other person in town as “beautiful as me!”). Gaston has no interest in anything other than what’s obvious, and no long-term plans or capacity to see how his actions are going to backfire (you can’t treat a woman like dirt and patronize her, and expect her to like you).

Enneagram:8w7 sx/so

Gaston is a larger than life character who uses force to get what he wants; he brushes off the women who want him, in pursuit of the one woman who can’t stand him and isn’t impressed by his bravado (Belle). When she doesn’t give in to his attentions, he bullies her father and then her, by threatening to have him locked up in a mental institution unless she agrees to the wedding. He thinks the only way he can “win” (even if it means Belle hating him) is to hunt down and kill his rival (the Beast). Gaston’s motives are all about domination, force, and power, and he sees hunting as proof of his superiority over others and the animals. He is arrogant, vain, conceited, and shallow, preferring to keep moving and hunting and killing things rather than take any intellectual interests; that is boring to him, and he wants to avoid boredom. His 7 wing means that he has a positive self-regard, and a double sense of “brattiness” in how efficiently he goes after what he wants. Gaston doesn’t take no for an answer, and he bulldozes through people to get his way, mistreating even LaFue, his ardent admirer.

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