Mabel is extremely logical and analytical; her mother said she could never stand to just read or watch a murder mystery, she wanted to skip to the end to know who did it and how it was done. Plagued by unanswered questions, she investigates a murder in her building because it does not ‘make sense to me’ the way the cops say it happened, picking at it, analyzing it, reconsidering what she knows, going out and collecting evidence, and putting herself at risk at times in order to physically investigate. She follows people, tackles them, accosts them, looks through their possessions (and uncovers thousands of dollars of stolen gems in the process, then carries that around town with her in a backpack). Mabel sometimes thinks too hard, and doesn’t see what’s right in front of her, such as when she associates the gems with a local store due to the initials she found in her friend’s things, rather than associating it with the tattoo parlor where they all got inked. She is bodily confident, breaking into people’s apartments, and even painting the wall of her apartment with people in their windows, as a way to help her think. She feels lead by a lower Ni hunch that there is far more to this case than meets the eye, that they need to keep digging, that she isn’t to the bottom of things yet, even that there’s unexplained pieces they need to fill in before she feels good about ending their cast. Her inferior Fe doesn’t really see the point of politeness much of the time, understand what it means to be a team player, and makes her deeply uncomfortable when others over-share in areas she would rather not think about (like Charles ‘getting lucky’ – eww). She has a droll sense of humor and develops concern for her friends, but still feels awkward admitting that she wants to hang out with a couple of ‘old guys.’ She finds it hard to pretend to care where she doesn’t, and will just ignore or gloss over something rather than answer them straight out and disappoint them with her response.

Enneagram: cp 6w5 sp/sx

Mabel is suspicious of the events surrounding her friend’s death almost immediately, and won’t accept the cop’s explanation that he killed himself, so she starts following clues, breaking into people’s apartments when they are not home, and winds up working with Oliver and Charles to solve the crime. But she doesn’t trust them for a long time, and withholds information from them, sometimes going off an investigating on her own and being surprised when they are offended about it (owing in part to her social blindness; she doesn’t see herself as a team player and it doesn’t occur to her to include them). She is distrustful of people, suspicious of their motives, and closed-lipped about her own past, her involvement in the dead man’s life, in what she’s doing with someone who looks suspicious to Charles, etc. Mabel is self-reliant and self-trusting, but also cautious in how she carefully investigates in her attempt to get to the bottom of things. She’s never totally happy, even when they have solved the crime – she says she doesn’t feel like all the loose ends are wound up yet. And they’re not.