Eloise is very sensitive and emotional, but her first reaction to anything that happens is to go away, be alone, and deal with it herself. She is so closed about her feelings that she pulls away from other people, and tries to process things in her own head, before turning to others for help in unraveling the sinister dreams that haunt her every night. Eloise has always known that she wants to be a fashion designer and pursues that dream doggedly, reassuring her grandmother that she will be just fine in the big city, and then lying to her to conceal how upsetting she finds the visions of Sandie’s life once she moves into the boardinghouse. She is easily hurt and offended, sometimes run out of her own room by others’ mean remarks. But she also prefers her imagination, and the dreams of Sandie, to having a real life out in the world. She would rather go home and go to sleep (wander through Sandie’s life in her dreams) than have a date with a nice boy or go out to the pub. And she seems caught up in the moment, pleasantly experiencing those things and living vicariously through Sandie… until the dreams take a dark turn that she does not like. Then, she starts leaping to conclusions and making connections from her environment—when all of these guesses prove wrong, she changes her mind about them and pursues a new angle; unfortunately, she’s not accurate with her speculations until it’s almost too late. But she does believe in one woman’s redemption so much, she begs her to save her own life even after she has tried to kill Eloise. Her low Si appreciates old time things and nostalgia, is interested in the past, and starts helping her model herself after Sandie; she tries out her hairstyle, her clothing, even her behaviors and the things she has said to other people. She models her designs after the things she has seen Sandie wear in her dreams/memories, but adds her own twist, which her fashion teachers call ‘brilliant’ ideas. Eloise shows very little inferior Te, except in how she never questions her visions, never thinks to try and figure out what is driving them, and does not investigate them until her situation becomes dire. She wants to do something about Sandie’s murder and vindicate her, and see the bad person put away, but has no facts to support her conclusions. Instead, she just angrily confronts people, sometimes heedless of the danger.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/sx

Eloise is withdrawn and keeps to herself, turning people down when they invite her out, and feeling deeply uncomfortable whenever she is the center of attention or is around negative energy. She hates her roommate so much she takes a job and a flat she can’t afford, just to get away from her (escape into a pleasant space, which she can make her own with her music). She also tends to ‘merge’ into things completely and seeks comfort above all; she’s more okay with fantasies than interested in reality, until those fantasies and ‘memories’ / visions become uncomfortable. Then, she is increasingly distressed by them, driven toward her own aggressive insanity and violence. Eloise is so easy going and pleasant, she doesn’t object to others taking her food out of the communal fridge (“it’s fine, drink it”). She feels distressed by Soho and calls it “overwhelming.” Under stress, she becomes more and more anxious and reactive, upset and inclined to gradually open up to the authorities (whom she trusts to handle the problem) – also aggressive, as she falls into low counter-phobic 6 behaviors. Her 1 wing causes her to repress her anger until it bubbles over, to be pleasant and avoidant, and to walk away from inappropriate remarks that offend her (she doesn’t find them funny, just revolting).

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