Sandie came to Soho to make a name for herself, to become famous, and wastes no time in immediately making an impact by marching into a high-class establishment and demanding to speak to the management about making her their next headliner act. She then finds out the person to talk to in the district is Jack, whom she falls for immediately—and who she sets out to please, by taking on other jobs that she doesn’t like, including provocative dancing (instead of singing) and prostitution. She has an endless succession of clients, whom she despises, but she does and says whatever she must to please them, all the while “dying inside.” Spoilers. She eventually starts to resent this position she feels forced into, and starts to take revenge on all the men who use/abuse her, insisting they ‘deserve’ what is coming to them. Sandie winds up being one of the most prolific, hidden serial killers in the history of Soho, concealing her crimes so well, she gets away with them for decades. Her murders are visceral and bloody and she puts herself in danger in the process by killing them in her room, at close proximity. Her twisted sense of logic allows her to turn against those who might expose her, by seeing how she could get rid of them without arousing any suspicions. She spends a large portion of the film in a Fe loop, pleasing clients and going against her own morals in an attempt to ‘get ahead’ in her career, while realizing she is making no headway in that department (she is not becoming a singer, she’s being a ‘whore’). She is straightforward in her feelings (she asks Jack, before they have sex, if he is in this for the ‘long haul’ – inferring she wants more than just a dalliance). Sandie reframes things when confronted with the truth, calling her death metaphorical (they killed me every night in that room), but shows no other creative long-term thinking, other than that she is so stubborn about persisting in her career, she never leaves Soho.

Enneagram: 3w4 sx/sp

Sandie is aggressive and straightforward, self-confident, and self-promoting; when someone asks her what business she has with a club owner, she tells him that she’s his next star. She tries to convince herself that what she is doing is working toward the furthering of her goals, even when she knows the opposite, that she has fallen into the hands of a pimp who is going to use and abuse her. At times, she resists doing demoralizing things out of a sense of self-injustice, but then she winds up ‘becoming’ whatever the situation requires – a dancer, a singer, a prostitute. Rather than packing up and leaving, giving up on her dreams in the process, she simply… gives in to her fate, falling into a 9ish apathy that helps her go through traumatic experiences. She ‘numbs’ herself to things to get through them, but also feels misunderstood, like an injustice has been done to her, and elitist in that she assumes that gives her the right to kill others.

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