Eve is difficult to type, because she shows no introverted functions, just an abundance of Se and Fe together. Her strongest strength seems to be that of adaptation—she instantly becomes whatever anyone needs her to be, whether that’s a stranger on a train she’s supposed to seduce (and she is into it), or a super spy, or the mistress of a powerful man. She has no real sense of self beyond what others need from her, as a result of being both a 3 and a Fe-dom. She just adjusts herself to be what others expect, want, or need from her. Eve shows a lot of charm and appeal, has an immediate sense of Roger and what he wants, and is direct and upfront about her sexual desires and acts on them immediately. She is also playful, and uses her sexuality as a tool to get men to trust and confide in her. She took the job for the government because “it’s the first time anyone ever asked me to do anything important,” and insists on sticking with it to the end. Despite the personal risk to her, Eve insists on staying and finishing the job with Philip, showing a tendency to overestimate her ability to talk her way out of trouble, and a lack of concern for her personal safety (shooting Roger was the perfect out, but she uses it to get closer to Philip by asking him to help her flee the country as a murderess). Eve is an opportunist who takes immediate advantage of situations; she has been planted to ‘take care’ of Roger Thornill, so when she notices him on the train, she invites him into her stateroom, hides him in the luggage compartment, steals the key to it from the porter (so she can let him out), and then seduces him on the train. She helps him escape from the police by bribing a porter for his clothes, dressing him up in a uniform, and then taking down elaborate directions to send him out into the country where he will die in a “freak accident.” Eve understands that despite her feelings for him, he has to die to protect her cover, but she’s glad when he turns up alive. She asks him many questions on the train, attempting to understand his reasoning and suspicious behavior, and to arm herself with as much knowledge about him as possible.

Enneagram: 3w2 sx/so

Eve is an immensely appealing woman skilled at deceit and manipulation, who sees Roger on a train, has been told to do something about him, and promptly seduces him—both for her own pleasure and because her lover told her to. She is able to appeal to men because she makes herself into whatever they find most attractive, and is so good at it, the US government hired her on the spot to be a man’s mistress while collecting information on him, to put him away. Eve has somewhat lost herself in this persona, and doesn’t know where it ends and she begins; she’s determined to stay and finish her job, even when it becomes dangerous and they want to pull her out, because of her lack of awareness for her own feelings and personal safety. She doesn’t trust her emotions, while being lead about by them – she falls for Roger and at the end of the story, has impulsively married him. Her 2 wing is seductive and seeks to appeal to others through being helpful; she invites him into her stateroom, hides him from the porter, helps him escape the train station, and provides him with whatever he needs.

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