Roger is a high-powered New York Avenue advertising executive when we first meet him, who gets sucked into an espionage scheme when he’s mistaken for an international spy. He is so good at adapting to his environment that he manages to steer a car out of danger, while intoxicated, until the police pick him up. He naïvely assumes he can take the police to the house where he was held and they will find evidence that he was kidnapped, drugged, and almost killed, but when he realizes his adversaries are cleverer than he thought, he starts to physically track their steps. He goes to the hotel, breaks into the spy’s room, and questions the staff about whether they have ever seen him before, in an attempt to understand what is going on. He tracks his kidnapper to the US Embassy, where they frame him for an assassination, and then goes on the run, dodging the police, catching a ride on a train, and having a one night stand with a beautiful woman named Eve. He will do whatever is necessary to survive, including stealing a bystander’s car. Roger so much wants to know what’s going on, and to clear his name, that he repeatedly puts himself at physical risk, sometimes under-evaluating the potential consequences. He is charming and likable, and easily able to come up with ways to get himself out of trouble (when he knows they’re about to remove him from a public auction and kill him, he starts drawing attention to himself by being obnoxious, so the police will arrest him instead). Roger suffers from low Ni, however. He tends to believe what’s right in front of him, rather than leaping to conclusions or drawing parallels until he has proof; he doesn’t know Eve is manipulating him until he sees her with the villain; he doesn’t think being sent out into the middle of nowhere is a trap, until a plane is bearing down on him. Nor does he think the man he was mistaken for does not exist; he continues to try and follow him around the country to meet him.

Enneagram: 6w7 sx/sp

Roger is a responsible and reliable man, who frets about his mother not being reached, and who tries to keep her happy with him. But he is also suspicious, concerned, and sometimes goes the opposite route and is too trusting. He turns to the police first with his troubles, assuming he can trust them, and then runs from them when he can’t, but still trusts the government and the police later, after a few entanglements with the villains. He trusts Eve, then he doesn’t; then he is angry at her for betraying him and seducing him, and winds up risking his life to save her, and then marrying her at the end of the film—a true 180 of his feelings, all within a short amount of time. After she sets him up to die, he still returns to her, so he can follow her around and confront his kidnappers. He also has an active 7 wing, in that he has a funny or sarcastic comeback or innuendo for every occasion. He is optimistic, good-natured, and something of a risk-taker.

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