Aiden is a comic book artist who needs to see things to get a sense of them; he doesn’t want to imagine them at home, so he travels to old places in Europe, breaks into locked churches, and studies the architecture and statues while copying them down in his notebook. He doesn’t hesitate to pursue what interests him—immediately going after Vivian, asking her what her name is, inviting her on a date, and threatening to hang out at the chocolate shop unless she agrees to go out with him at least once. They walk around the city, play in the water in the park, climb across rooftops, and she shows him some more statues of remarkable figures to inspire his imagination. He doesn’t suspect anything amiss with her relatives until he sees a wolf transform before his very eyes –and then is quick to react, using silver to kill him and protect himself, becoming wary of Vivian, and thinking fast when it comes to rescuing and protecting her. While Vivian struggles to fully pull away from her family as a 9, Aiden is fully Fi – he says she should do what she wants regardless of how it makes others feel; he asks if she thinks he family ‘owns her’ and expresses disgust at the idea of giving up what you want because someone else doesn’t approve. He is emotional and easily falls in love, but also doesn’t care what random people think of him. He bonds without needing to say the words “I love you” (it’s implied through his actions). Aiden is proactive in going after what he wants, and doesn’t mince words; he doesn’t see a problem with emotional detachment, either, telling Vivan to kill the pack leader to save their lives (as a Fi-dom, she hesitates). But he has poor intuition; he doesn’t realize the white wolf is fighting to save his life, and cuts her with the silver knife, inadvertently poisoning Vivian’s blood in the process.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/sx

Aidan is very assertive and immediately goes after what he wants, which in this case is a pretty girl who rebuffs his early attempts to get to know him and runs away from him. He is confident that he can win her over and that they should be together, and tells her that he doesn’t see the point in not living life to the fullest because of fear. Aidan has continued to travel, see things, do things, etc., despite being in mortal danger from someone targeting him. He doesn’t want his name to get out there, but he doesn’t mind putting himself out there to meet people. His 6 wing kicks in once he witnesses an actual transformation and comes under attack—he becomes reactive, paranoid, distrustful, and accusatory against Vivian, all while simultaneously feeling drawn to her.

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