Vivian is all about developing and maintaining her values, as separate from the pack; she doesn’t want to do anything ‘just because’ it’s expected of her – as her aunt says, when told to do one thing, she does the opposite. She says she won’t become the mate of their pack leader, because she has seen what it’s done to her aunt (and she prefers to find her own lover). Once drawn to Aiden, she develops intense feelings for him and wants to act on them immediately, even if it’s not acceptable to her pack. She says she will choose her own destiny in life. She is also highly active and physical—body slamming her cousin at the bar, where she has gone to drink, party, and dance if she feels like it, after he insults her, going for regular runs to keep up her stamina, escaping from those following her in the serpentine alleys, sneaking into churches after dark to enjoy their beauty, and bonding with Aiden by gong places with him and showing him beautiful pieces of architecture. She reacts fast on her feet, saving him from the pack and getting hurt in the process, then improvising on where they might be safe (an old film processing plant full of silver). She can be blunt and forceful under stress, telling people to their faces to back off, that she won’t become like them (insulting her aunt after she tries to convince Vivian to go along with what’s ‘expected’), standing up to Gabriel, and even telling Aiden to leave her alone.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

She walks a fine line between being withdrawn and secretive (she doesn’t tell Aiden anything about herself when they first meet, rebuffs his questions, avoids him, and then quickly attaches herself to him) and aggressive – she angrily tells people off, creates boundaries for them to abide by, and isn’t afraid to use force, blackmail, or weapons against those who threaten to kill her or her boyfriend. But she’s also somewhat compliant, going along with Aiden when they leave the city and leaving it up to him where they will decide to go, since she has no real opinion. She wavers between wanting to be with him, and being afraid to show him her true face, since it may cause him to think less of her or reject her.

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