There are plot-twist revealing spoilers in this profile. Proceed with caution. Norah filters everything through her intense compassion; it makes it hard for her to deal with the horrific things that she witnesses underwater – finding friends dead in the tunnels, seeing them implode, etc. She almost gets herself killed, leaving a door open as long as she could to save two of her friends, then her captain has to tell her to stop feeling and start ‘doing.’ She refuses to let go of him, even as he is being sucked up into a void, knowing that it will get her killed too; he cuts their power line, sending her plummeting back to the ocean floor. She has to stop and process her grief at the way station, before she can figure out what to do, and is compassionate and even a bit sentimental. She chooses to lie to her friends and send them above, knowing she will die, because she identifies with the love between them, and sees them as having their ‘entire lives ahead of them’ – she says losing her fiancé ‘almost killed me,’ so she has nothing to live for that would allow her to violate her moral code and take one of their places in an evacuation pod. Norah is fast thinking and quick on her feet; she leaps in to save people, volunteers to go first almost constantly (to see what’s ahead of them, leading them through the tunnels, going underwater, even setting out on her own for the other station, and finding the pods first). She goes after friends who have been dragged away or lost, and improvises when it comes to getting away from the creatures (she shoots into one, and breaks through its carcass to escape; then sets off the power core, vaporizing them all in the process). Though scared, she is always reacting and always doing something about her situation. She is quite talented at figuring out how machines work and tinkering with them, but also gives up when it seems hopeless and accepts her fate. She knows the only thing she can do is choose to die with honor, while accomplishing something noble at the same time—saving her friends.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Norah is fiercely loyal to her friends and looks out for their survival, ahead of her own. She wavers between courage and fear, curiosity and caution, often advising her friends to ‘come back… leave that alone…’ She doesn’t want to be left without support, and breaks down when she thinks she might be alone—but also chooses to die that way, after putting her friends in a pod (in one instance, punching one of them and forcing them to leave). She almost gets killed several times rescuing others, since she sees them as a unit—responsible for one another’s safety. When afraid, she copes with humor, being likable, and easy conversation, despite being somewhat private in her feelings. She tries to reassure others about them making it, but also is fearful that they won’t and has to rely on her captain for leadership, until it becomes necessary for her to take charge (a role she doesn’t want). Her 5 wing is resourceful and self-sufficient, but also somewhat withdrawn; she doesn’t open up easily, doesn’t talk when it’s unnecessary, and makes an objective decision even though it’s self-destructive (you need to live, so I will ensure that you do).

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