Functional Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Tim may call his sister a nerd, but it’s obvious that he’s one too – his current obsession is all about dinosaurs, and the minute he meets Grant, he talks at length about his passion for them. He questions him about his book and points out contradictory facts read in another book (“His book was this thick… twice as big as yours!”), without really thinking about how Grant might react to this, or that this isn’t the way to make friends with his idol of paleontology. For the most part, Tim does whatever he wants and thinks everything about the park is cool, unless it’s boring (no dinosaurs). He takes a detached interest in watching the dinosaurs feed and becomes excited at the thought of blood. He’s much more inclined to try new things than his sister (and complains about her lack of adventure, and how she spends hours alone in her room on her computer). Tim has a boundless desire to understand everything, and sees his trip with Dr. Grant as an opportunity to grill him and get his opinions. Tim is more rational than his sister, both out of natural instinct and because he has studied dinosaurs (he tells her to shut off the light, to keep still, he refuses to run when she tells him to, knowing if he stays still he’ll be okay); he finds them feeding on one another cool informative, rather than shows disgust. He has a cheerful but inquisitive nature, which also enjoys prodding people for reactions a little bit (he teases his sister and calls her a nerd, baits Grant with potentially anger-inducing questions, and takes great enjoyment in seeing a dinosaur sneeze snot all over Lex). Tim’s inferior Si shows in how bad he is in his environment; he can’t get himself out of the car after he’s thrown up, he struggles to climb the fence, and he almost hurts himself when running away from the raptor (he miscalculates that all the ice will have melted and left the floor slick).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Tim is a cheerful and adventurous boy who looks for the best in any situation and remains optimistic. Sure, the T-Rex almost ate them and killed some people and he fell off a cliff into a tree and his ankle is hurt, but he can still tell dinosaur jokes! He boldly approaches people and assumes they want to hear what he has for say, not taking the hint when it becomes clear that Grant doesn’t want him hanging around all the time. He is funny and keeps things light, eager to touch and see new dinosaurs, often in a teasing mood, and generally upbeat. But he also has a sense that he could die, and a tendency to idolize Grant. He sees him as an authority who is probably correct but also needs questioned, in a 6ish way. He knows he is safe around Grant, so he relies on him to help get them out alive.