Ellie is a methodical and practical woman who carefully goes through new information and pays attention to the details; at first, she’s so busy exclaiming over a leaf and talking about how this plant has been extinct for millions of years, she doesn’t notice the enormous dinosaur beside them. She starts thinking carefully through what might be making a dinosaur sick, thinking up one thing, testing it, and then thinking up another thing, from whether the dinosaur is eating poisonous plants (which involves her scoping out a giant pile of poop) to other possibilities, based on her extensive knowledge of plant life. She notices the second car plunged into the ravine, and finds tracks, when looking for Grant and the kids. She also volunteers to turn on the power across the compound and doesn’t let Hammond’s sexist remark about it should be him who should go (as a man) stop her. Unlike Grant, she has a traditional lifestyle in mind and wants to get married and have kids. She assumes she can get him to change his mind, and constantly pushes him into situations where he has to deal with Lex and Tim (grinning all the while). Ellie also groans a little when Grant displays his usual lack of tact or understanding for children, and scares one on their dig by talking about how violent a raptor attack would be. She is somewhat susceptible to Malcolm’s charms and flirtations. She is also far more grounded and practical than Hammond; he expects her to be excited about the park, but instead, she logically thinks about it, reminds him that they should be focusing on getting back the people they love, and even though initially stimulated by the park, she shows some misgivings at the thought of what could go wrong. She says they have brought back things that went extinct for a reason, and don’t know the harm they may do in the long term (lower Ne). She also says chaos theory goes over her head, and needs a practical example of it, before she gets it.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Ellie is a curious mix of caution and adventurous spirit. She doesn’t immediately think the park is a wonderful thing, especially when she hears that they have created a T-Rex and raptors; after seeing them feed, that causes her to have second thoughts about the cool factor of the park. She is hesitant to give her vote of recommendation until after she has thought about it, pointing out that they should be careful when introducing dangerous and toxic plants into a new environment. She is both hesitant and bold when others are under threat; she delays them leaving the T-Rex paddock in an attempt to find Grant, fearful for his life, but also has faith that he can get the kids out, because he’s smart. She is serious, down to earth, and focused on being competent within her job. She trusts herself to make decisions and puts herself at risk to cross the park and turn on the lights.