Lex is emotionally driven and sensitive, but also fierce in her self-identifying; she pushes back against anything that violates her inner code, stating that she is a vegetarian, refusing to be called a nerd and preferring the term “hacker,” and being upset that they are using live animals to lure out the T-Rex (she sees that as inhumane, and when the lawyer asks her if she’s ever eaten a hamburger, she informs him that she is a vegetarian – living out her beliefs). In a time before computers are widely accessible, Lex has obtained one and learned how to be a hacker; she recognizes Jurassic Park’s system, and is able to hack into it and power everything up, as well as bolt the doors. She loops into lower Si a lot; her brother complains, once a dinosaur sneezes snot all over her, “Now she’ll never try anything new!” Once all hell breaks loose in the park, Lex becomes terribly fearful of the past repeating itself – she fears Grant may abandon them like lawyer did. Her caution when approaching new dinosaurs also shows a hesitant willingness to engage, when she sees others have done it with success; she also thinks in broad-minded strokes (“What’s going to happen to the goat?!”). She spends a lot of the film in her inferior Te, where she “states the obvious” – sometimes over and over (“He left us! He LEFT us!”) and is motivated to accomplish things. She saves all their lives by hacking into the system and ensuring the doors bolt shut, but she’s not always logical — such as when she digs out a flashlight to get the attention of the other car, not pausing to realize movement attracts most animals, and might draw the T-Rex to them. It doesn’t occur to her to put the flashlight on the floor to hide the beam when it won’t shut off, and she often screams, drawing dinosaurs’ attention to them.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Lex is traumatized when the adult leaves the car, because she sees grown-ups as a support system—and without one, she becomes anxious and hysterical. She’s hesitant to approach anything where she doesn’t know what it is, especially once she has seen people get hurt. She clings to Grant, her crush forming into an all-out adoration, as she sees him as someone to protect and save her, so that she doesn’t have to rely on her own survival skills to make it out alive. Once she feels secure, she becomes more relaxed and shows a teasing nature and a sense of humor. She kids her brother about getting over the electric fence before he can, and doesn’t mind his jokes. She’s also the first one who wants to leave, as soon as they see the T-Rex kill another dinosaur – she remembers what happened the last time and doesn’t want to be anywhere near it. She protects her brother, even though she’s terrified in the kitchen, by luring a raptor away from him and helping him to trap another in the freezer.